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University of Illinois

Plan to party? Play it safe

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CHAMPAIGN — Police officers and other community advocates will walk the streets of Campustown today with a message for potential "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day" partiers: Play it safe.

N-G Exclusive: Rauner to appoint 2 Alumni Association board members as UI trustees

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SPRINGFIELD — Two Chicago business executives will join the University of Illinois Board of Trustees next month if their appointments are confirmed by the Illinois Senate.

Environmental Almanac: Real-life female stars in entomology

Depictions of female entomologists in film will be the focus of the 32nd Insect Fear Film Festival, which will take place Saturday at the University of Illinois.

Updated: Rauner's pension plan not exactly popular at UI

URBANA — The headlines over the pension debate in Springfield focus on billion-dollar shortfalls, last-minute legislative deals, court challenges and an outcry over six-figure pensions.

For Denise Jayne and her co-workers, it's about having a livable income when they retire.

Tom's Mailbag Feb. 20, 2015

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$209 million 'significant hit' to UI's funding

The University of Illinois goes through a lot of money in a year — more than $5 billion, in fact.

But most of it is restricted to specific uses — gifts from donors for a designated building; grants for a particular research project; income from the medical clinics in Chicago. It can't be used to pay an English professor (unless it's designated for that purpose).

Caterpillar opens lab at UI research park

The head of the University of Illinois Research Park said to have new companies join the park and to have others expand their operations is a big part of the park's success and an important part of its future.

Illinois bands corner



7:30 p.m.: Illinois Wind Orchestra with the Mahomet-Seymour High School Band. Concert will feature works by: Pieter Leeman, Alfred Reed, Percy Aldridge Grainger, John Philip Sousa and many more!


Dems: Rauner proposal doesn't match rhetoric

SPRINGFIELD — In general, Republicans welcomed Gov. Bruce Rauner's straightforward budget address and plans, while Democrats said they were stunned by it.

'Legal uncertainty' about Rauner plan for pensions

SPRINGFIELD — Gov. Bruce Rauner's plan to reduce the state's pension debt — by moving most state workers to a less-generous benefit plan — would likely force the University of Illinois to "fill the gap" for its employees, one expert says.