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UPDATED: Nontenure faculty union strike may last through semester's end

Updated 11:15 p.m.

CHAMPAIGN — Nontenure-track faculty members at the University of Illinois planned to walk out of classes again Thursday — and possibly for the rest of the semester — after contract talks ended without a settlement Wednesday.

UPDATE: Badly injured dog showing 'resilience' (w/video)

12:30 p.m. Wednesday update:

The brown Labrador mix that was found badly injured in Ford County last week may have been tied to the bridge for longer than medical experts initially suspected.

Work-in shows 'we are not going away'

CHAMPAIGN — Spring and summer are usually the most difficult months of the year for Mary Hays.

Teaching a course he helped create brings honor

Engineering graduate student Biplab Deka — aka programming expert, Google intern and Couchsurfing world traveler — didn't touch his first computer until he was 18.

Traditional lecture class transforms into interactive experience

URBANA — Some people plug away all day trying to log 10,000 steps on their Fitbits.

Brian Quick knocks out more than half that in one 50-minute lecture class.

"I move around, and my Fitbit will reflect that," says the University of Illinois communication professor, who guesses he's logged up to 6,000 steps in one lecture.

Provost to sit in on next union talks

URBANA — In an unusual step, the campus provost will be at the bargaining table when the University of Illinois meets next with its nontenure-track faculty union, to "help move things forward a little bit," interim Chancellor Barbara Wilson said Monday.

UI faculty union's next action: two-day 'work-in'

UPDATED 9:13 p.m. Monday

URBANA — A faculty union that staged a two-day strike at the University of Illinois last week has scheduled a "work-in" at the main administration building on campus Tuesday and Wednesday.

UI senate award winner always finds time for her students

CHAMPAIGN — Between 5 and 8:30 a.m. every weekday, Anita Mixon is unreachable.

That's her precious "me time," where one can find the University of Illinois Ph.D. student running, painting or "doing whatever I want to do."

The remaining 201/2 hours of the day Mixon devotes to her 42 students and her research. And occasionally, just a bit of shut-eye.

AUDIO: UI chancellor on dorm baby death

The interim chancellor at the University of Illinois said the death of a student's infant son shortly after she gave birth to him is a tragic and unusual case. Michael Kiser has more on how the school is reacting to the situation.

Top of the morning, April 25, 2016

A lot of people used to live here.

People grow up here and leave town, or graduate from the University of Illinois and launch careers elsewhere.

Sometimes, it's both.

Like my friend LUANN LaBARE, who was Luann Ponsler from Mansfield when we were both students at the UI and working part-time at the Green Street McDonald's a few decades ago.