University of Illinois

University of Illinois

Senate sends Rauner higher-ed spending bill; veto likely

SPRINGFIELD — Senators sent a series of higher education spending bills to Gov. Bruce Rauner Thursday, although it's almost certain the governor will veto them.

$425 an hour: That's top rate UI will pay two law firms looking into athletes' allegations

URBANA — The two Chicago law firms hired to investigate allegations against the University of Illinois athletic program will earn up to $425 an hour for their work, according to documents released to The News-Gazette.

University leaders take case to legislators

Faced with legislative criticism over high tuition and "lavish perks" for administrators, the state's public universities took their cause to Springfield on Tuesday.

O, long may it wave

By Abrar Al-Heeti/The News-Gazette

CHAMPAIGN — The old, rusty flagpole atop the south entrance of the Armory was restored to its former glory and presented to the public at a rededication ceremony Tuesday afternoon.

Grab a seat

URBANA — When the University of Illinois realized it needed a 66 percent increase in seating to accommodate an NCAA baseball regional, it turned to an Iowa City-based firm to supply the extra seats.

AD vows changes on the way

The furor over allegations about player mistreatment in two University of Illinois sports could lead to new protocols for handling student complaints in the athletic program.

As some faculty have already called for, athletic director Mike Thomas is considering an ombudsman position for student-athletes, along with other changes.

Madigan request met by Killeen

URBANA — Allegations against the University of Illinois women's basketball program drew the interest of one of the state's highest-ranking politicians earlier this month.

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan urged UI President Timothy Killeen to contact one of the parents who claimed their daughters were verbally and emotionally abused by UI coaches and required to play while sick.

Preservation efforts continue to pay off

MONTICELLO — Robert Allerton intentionally put the sphinxes backward.

Costly administrator posts a factor in spiraling tuitions

CHAMPAIGN — Public colleges and universities are rapidly ramping up the amount of money they spend on upper-level administrators, directly contributing to the rising tuition costs students are facing, a report published Friday by the Illinois Senate Democratic Caucus found.

Farm Bureau reaching out

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