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University of Illinois

UI student wins inaugural award named for Dave Benton

CHAMPAIGN — When Michael Hao came to the University of Illinois to study computer engineering in the fall of 2013, he wanted a part-time job to help with expenses but wasn't interested in bagging fast food.

UI's Nugent up for congressional honor

A University of Illinois advocate for disabled people said he's pleased that people have become more understanding of physical disabilities over the years.

The words from Tim Nugent come as some federal lawmakers from Illinois have introduced a bill to honor Nugent with a congressional gold medal.  The lawmakers said it's one of the top civilian honors given by the government.

Killeen defers salary program until state budget settled

URBANA — For now, most University of Illinois employees won't see their paychecks go up as they start the new school year.

The UI is officially deferring consideration of a general salary program for faculty and staff until after the state budget is settled, President Timothy Killeen said Tuesday.

Killeen lobbying Springfield to take guesswork out of UI budget

SPRINGFIELD — With state funding an annual guessing game, the University of Illinois is pitching a new idea to state lawmakers: provide a stable, multi-year funding plan in exchange for keeping tuition manageable and other state priorities.

Top of the morning, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2004, seems like such a long time ago.

Our top headline that day was for a story about University of Illinois officials being pleased that after three straight years of budget cuts, the UI would get the same amount of state money as it had the previous year.

Fee: $550,000 for branding

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The University of Illinois is paying a consultant $550,000 to develop a "branding" plan for the Urbana campus and re-examine the school's public affairs structure.

Updated: UI trustees approve Carle medical school agreement

Updated 12:30 p.m.

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CHICAGO -- University of llinois trustees today approved an affiliation agreement with Carle for the new engineering-based medical school in Urbana set to open in 2018.

Coaches cash in — more or less

University of Illinois trustees today are expected to sign off on amendments to three UI head coaches' contracts. In addition to more years for wrestling's Jim Heffernan and more money for gymnastics' Kim Landrus and Justin Spring, all three deals include provisions for "90 percent of the net profit of any camps and clinics" operated by the UI.

Stable condition

URBANA — Blondie the horse is one in 10,000 — and her owners aren't the only ones who think so.