University of Illinois

University of Illinois

UI physicists part of effort to locate Higgs boson particle

In the world of top quarks and leptons, this was big news.

Researchers announced in early December that they may be close to finding the elusive Higgs boson, a crucial missing piece of the standard model for explaining why matter has mass and how the universe's smallest components interact. And UI physicists will play a role in verifying its existence in the coming year.

A life remembered: UI law professor 'turned it up to 11 on everything'

CHAMPAIGN — Friends and colleagues of Larry Ribstein say they'll remember him as a first-rate legal scholar and original thinker who enjoyed debate and was an expert in business law.

They also recall him as a generous person who was a gifted photographer and an authority on movies and the law.

UI law professor dies in Virginia

CHAMPAIGN — University of Illinois law Professor Larry E. Ribstein died Saturday in Fairfax, Va., according to a release from the UI College of Law.

Mr. Ribstein, who specialized in corporate and securities law and the topics of financial regulation and white-collar crime, had been a professor at the UI since 2002.

UI won't go triple-X in domain names

Other schools are registering special new domain names to protect brands from adult-oriented enterprises

Unless you like receiving cease-and-desist letters from the University of Illinois' legal team, don't even think about launching a website like to sell or promote, ahem, adult entertainment or anything else.

UI ophthalmologist seeking pugs for study on eye disease

URBANA — For Dr. Amber Labelle, there's no dog like a wrinkly-faced pug.

"Pugs are the happiest dog," she says. "They're always in a good mood."

But pugs are also vulnerable to an eye disease that can blind them. And Labelle, a University of Illinois veterinary ophthalmologist with a beloved pug of her own, has set out to do something about that.

Officials: Arson to blame for large barn fire south of Danville

DANVILLE — Local and state fire officials say arson is to blame for a fire that destroyed a large barn owned by the University of Illinois this week.

Firefighters from the Lynch Area Fire Protection District were called to the barn fire on South Union Road, several miles south of Danville, about 5:30 a.m. Wednesday.

UI library and information science school dean leaving for Brandeis

CHAMPAIGN — The leader of the top-ranked University of Illinois library and information school will step down next year to take a position at Brandeis University in Massachusetts.

Transition delayed for UI computer-based phone system

URBANA — A transition period for University of Illinois employees switching to a new computer-based phone system will be delayed by a month so phone companies can round up the 30,000 temporary phone numbers needed.

Nutrition, cognition research center in works at UI

The University of Illinois has partnered with an Illinois pharmaceutical and nutritional products company to create a new center on campus that will focus on interdisciplinary nutrition and cognition research.

Vision's final flight just weeks after first

SAVOY — If you want to fly to Florida via Vision Airlines from Willard Airport, your window of opportunity is a narrow one: Dec. 19 to Jan. 6.

After that, the airline has canceled all flights, according to the University of Illinois, which manages the Savoy airport and received confirmation from the company that service will end after Jan. 6.