University of Illinois

University of Illinois

Hogan sends message of regret, says he will work to rebuild trust

URBANA — University of Illinois President Michael Hogan said he regrets the breakdown in shared governance at the university and he is committed to restoring trust and teamwork.

Hogan issued a statement to the university community today.

Prize winner's development may revolutionize image editing

URBANA — Wouldn't it be great to be able to cut and paste objects into photos and videos without it looking like a "cut-and-paste" job?

Just think, you could put a Ferrari in your garage, a Rodin sculpture in your living room, a Faberge egg on your coffee table.

But if you didn't get help from expert imaging artists, your friends wouldn't be impressed.

Third phase of UI's Ikenberry Commons redevelopment to begin soon

CHAMPAIGN — Planning for the third phase of the massive Ikenberry Commons redevelopment on the site of the old "Six Pack" residence halls could get under way soon.

Out-of-town student fell from balcony at Unofficial

CHAMPAIGN — Champaign police now say there was at least one serious injury reported to them on Unofficial St. Patrick's Day.

Sgt. Jim Clark said a 21-year-old Naperville man who admitted he had been drinking fell from a balcony of an apartment building at 501 E. Healey St., C, and sustained a broken pelvis and broken bones on the left side of his face.

Pacifica Quartet leaving Illinois for Indiana

URBANA — The Grammy Award-winning Pacifica Quartet is leaving the University of Illinois School of Music at the end of the academic year for Indiana University.

Trustees give Hogan a task: Restore trust

CHICAGO — President Michael Hogan received his orders from University of Illinois trustees on Monday: Rebuild faculty trust or expect "change."

C-U Jewish community marks completion of its first Torah

CHAMPAIGN — Crammed into an overflowing living room in the Chabad Center for Jewish Life on Sunday, dozens of faithful onlookers suddenly fell into silent anticipation.

'Unofficial' taxes city law enforcement, but revenue is a byproduct

CHAMPAIGN — Days before he planned to celebrate an early St. Patrick's Day, Matt Novak bought a T-shirt.

A leprechaun, showing off his overflowing mug of beer and poking out from behind an orange banner that read "Unofficial 2012." Stamped across the standard Kelly green material that thousands of partyers wore on Friday is a reminder of where they'll be partying: Champaign, Illinois.

UI Accountancy head seeks to beef up faculty

CHAMPAIGN — The newly appointed head of the University of Illinois Accountancy Department says it needs more senior faculty members.

Jon S. Davis, a former UI accounting professor who is slated to return as department head in April, said the department has "only four full professors and about 24 or 25 junior faculty."

Five students contend for $30,000 prize

URBANA — Five students at the University of Illinois have been named finalists for the Lemelson-MIT $30,000 Illinois Student Prize for innovation.

The finalists include doctoral candidates Sriram Chandrasekaran, Kevin Karsch, James Langer and Pradeep S. Shenoy, as well as Muhammed Fazeel, a senior in integrative biology.