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Prof, son reveal keys to happiness

CHAMPAIGN – Money isn't everything, but according to happiness expert Ed Diener, it certainly is something.

"Our research shows money is, in fact, related to happiness," Diener told about 200 people attending a Busey Wealth Management seminar Monday in Champaign.

UI play 'La Soy Latina' focuses on life as Latina in America

URBANA – The members of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority will perform the ensemble play "La Soy Latina," which explores their identities and connections in American society, on Wednesday evening at the Illini Union.

"An honest and funny look at what it means to be Latina in America, it explores the stories of six diverse women growing up bilingual, bicultural and proud to declare, 'Yo Soy Latina!,'" according to a news release.

'Obamamania' author to speak Thursday at UI faculty center

URBANA – The author of the book, "What's Wrong with Obamamania: Black America, Black Leadership and the Death of Political Imagination," will speak at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Levis Faculty Center, 919 W. Illinois St., U.

The talk, "Obamamania and the Crisis of Political Leadership," by Ricky L. Jones, an associate professor at the University of Louisville, is free and open to the public.

Artist's talk canceled

CHAMPAIGN – Artist Fred Tomaselli, who was to have given a talk at 5:30 p.m. today at Krannert Art Museum, has canceled due to illness.

University of Illinois art history Professor Jonathan Fineberg said the talk will be rescheduled for the spring.

UI's emergency notification plans get routine tweaks

URBANA – Brian Kucic is enrolled in the emergency notification system at the University of Illinois, where he is an administrator at the National Center for Supercomputer Applications.

"Especially in today's environment, you want to be notified if there is a danger," Kucic said.

Kucic's daughter is a student at Northern Illinois University, where Steven Kazmierczak of Champaign shot 21 people, five fatally, before he killed himself on Feb. 14.

"It's a big concern," Kucic said of the need for campus emergency alerts.

The UI continuously practices and revises its emergency plans, including an alert last week regarding a violent threat for Halloween night.

EIU Jazz Lab, Collegiate bands to perform Tuesday night

Eastern Illinois University's Jazz Lab and Collegiate bands will perform at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Doudna Fine Arts Center's Dvorak Concert Hall on the Charleston campus.

The first half of the concert will feature the EIU Jazz Lab Band, a 19-piece ensemble directed by Paul Johnston, playing a variety of big-band music, including selections written for the Count Basie Orchestra and the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra.

Old ledger reveals first money given to start UI here

URBANA – Just an old book.

At least that's what it looked like at first.

Antiques dealer Denni Shurts-Hubert bought an old Champaign County ledger book from a man who reportedly retrieved it from the garbage after cleaning up a demolition site in downtown Urbana.

She was more intrigued with a "Wanted: Dead or Alive" poster tucked in the back of the book than the ledger itself.

"I threw it up on the counter, and didn't pay too much attention to the book because I was busy," said the Urbana resident, who also owns The Big Red Shed antiques shop in St. Joseph.

Then, during a blizzard a few years ago, she took some time to flip through the pages. She read through various county records that showed payments to build a poorhouse and a bridge.

Later, she came across some pages in the back of the book.

"I was flabbergasted by what I saw," she said.

There, in long, flowing handwriting, were entries detailing the names of people who donated land or money to establish the Illinois Industrial University.

Constitutional convention debated at the UI


CHAMPAIGN – Illinois' constitution and the government it supports may have some problems, admits Kevin Semlow.

Labor leader asks in speech for race to be left out of election

CHAMPAIGN – When workers cast their votes for president next month, labor leader Rich Trumka hopes they don't let racial biases keep them from voting in their best interests.

But Trumka said he realizes some people may.

A former coal miner who now serves as secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO, Trumka said he returned home to Pennsylvania to vote in the primary this spring and ran into an acquaintance long active in Democratic politics.

She said she was voting for Hillary Clinton, that she would never vote for Barack Obama.

Trumka, an Obama supporter, asked why.

The woman said Obama was a Muslim. When Trumka pointed out Obama was a Christian, she said he wouldn't wear an American flag pin. When Trumka said neither he nor she was wearing a flag pin, she stopped making eye contact and said, "Because he's black."

At that point, Trumka told the woman to "look around at this dying town."

"Here's a man who will fight for people like us, and you won't vote for him," he said.

Speaking at the University YMCA in Champaign on Wednesday, Trumka said racial bias is a subject many people are loath to discuss.

Authorities seek information on threatening note

Champaign County Crimestoppers and the University of Illinois police are seeking help investigating a threatening note.

A patron at the UI Undergraduate Library, 1402 W. Gregory St., U, found a note in the men's restroom on Sunday. The note said that the note's author damaged a vehicle window at the Savoy 16 Theater, 232 W. Burwash Ave., on Friday. The note also said the author intends to shoot a person on Green Street on Halloween night.