University of Illinois

University of Illinois

UI's Goldenfeld named to National Academy of Sciences

URBANA – A physicist whose interests range from evolution to condensed matter theory to high finance has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

Graduate College 'definitely' needed at UI, latest budget team says

URBANA — A team assigned to look for efficiencies in the University of Illinois Graduate College found the unit essentially working as expected.

Fifteen teams were created in February to look at mostly smaller units at the university, to see whether consolidations or other measures could save money in hard times for the Urbana campus.

In unprecedented move, legislators allow universities to borrow for operations

SPRINGFIELD – Unable to collect hundreds of millions of dollars owed them by the state, public universities would be able to borrow money for operations under a bill sent to Gov. Pat Quinn on Thursday night.

The Senate approved the bill 43-11, hours after the House passed it by a vote of 87-28.

UI accepts vast majority of buyout offers; some jobs to be refilled at lower wages

URBANA – Steve Helle admits he's a little bit frightened by all the freedom he's about to have on his hands, taking a buyout from the University of Illinois – and possibly saving a colleague's job.

"I feel like I am jumping out of an airplane and I'm not sure if I have a parachute," said the veteran journalism professor and legal expert.

UI plans to open gallery in downtown Champaign

CHAMPAIGN – The University of Illinois will open an art gallery in downtown Champaign, prompting a longtime bookseller to close and raising questions about a possible conflict of interest.

UI reverses course after protests over $450,000 consulting contract

URBANA – The University of Illinois announced Wednesday it would end an expensive contract with a private consulting firm a few days after The News-Gazette first disclosed details about the university's relationship with the firm.

Mikva places blame for clout at UI's feet, not legislators'

URBANA – The chairman of a state commission that investigated University of Illinois admissions abuses says the state may want to appoint a new panel to look into reports that House Speaker Michael Madigan exerted influence on behalf of political allies and campaign donors.

Statement from Madigan on university admissions

Here is the statement released by House Speaker Michael Madigan:

As a state representative, and as the Speaker of the House, it is unsurprising that people would ask for my assistance in a matter involving state government. One of my responsibilities, when it is appropriate, is to try to be responsive to my constituents and the people of Illinois.

UI ending relationship with firm

The University of Illinois has announced it will end its relationship with a consulting firm after news about the consultants’ fees prompted faculty and students to question the university’s decision to hire the company in light of budget cuts on campus.

Details of the contract and the consultants’ work were first disclosed in The News-Gazette on Sunday.

Around the Big Ten

News from the home cities (and states) of the Big Ten universities:

MINNESOTA: Journalism teacher asks students to unplug

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – A professor at the University of Minnesota asked her students to turn off their iPods, cell phones and laptops and turn on the eight-track players, landlines and typewriters.