University of Illinois

University of Illinois

UI engineers making cells easier to see

New product lets researchers get images of them without killing them in process

CHAMPAIGN — Biological researchers can get faster, more sensitive images of live cells and tissues thanks to a company building on technology developed at the University of Illinois.

Share your 'flying saucer' memories here

As our book "A Saucer Coming to Rest: A Half-Century of the Assembly Hall" was nearing completion, we asked readers for their favorite memories of the Assembly Hall. 

'Ellen' segment at UI now on YouTube

The segment of "The Ellen Show" shot on Monday at the University of Illinois is now online.

Ellen DeGeneres talks with Jeannie Klisiewicz, a University of Illinois graduate who works for her as a roving reporter, as thousands gathered at the UI campus.

"That's a lot of people," DeGeneres says as a camera pans the crowd.

As action slows in C-U, nearby arenas hope to benefit

Get ready for a concert drought.

After comedian Jeff Dunham performs Friday night, renovations at State Farm Center will preclude music or comedy acts for more than two years.

White House announcement on UI Labs

Here is the announcement by the White House Tuesday morning about the UI Labs/Digital Lab for Manufacturing project and a second similar project.


Office of the Press Secretary

February 25, 2014


$70 million for Digital Lab for Manufacturing brings $250 million more

CHAMPAIGN — How do you design and make a product quickly using high-quality materials? How can you get that product quickly to your customers? And how do you make the best use of your company's resources, like the employees?

Quad has been home to crowds for decades

Monday's taping for the The Ellen DeGeneres Show wasn't the first time a festive crowd gathered at the Quad. Here are five others.

Oct. 24, 1960

Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kennedy speaks to an estimated 10,000 people on the Quad on a chilly Monday morning.

Sept. 15, 1960

UI mulls sex-change coverage for students

URBANA — University of Illinois trustees are considering a proposal to cover sex reassignment surgery as part of the student health insurance plan at the Urbana campus.

Amid chants from a rally outside, the board's Committee on Audit, Budget and Finance Committee on Monday reviewed proposed student insurance rates for 2014-15, which include a small premium to cover the surgery.

Ellen-mania on UI Quad

Ellen-mania officially struck the University of Illinois Monday afternoon.

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres herself was nowhere in sight, but that didn't matter to the screaming thousands who jammed the UI Quad for a chance to be on her show — or win a prize.

Looking forward to the Summer (in 2016)

On deck in the global sports spotlight: Rio de Janiero, Brazil, which will put on the 2016 Summer Games. The News-Gazette asked Mary Paula Arends-Kuenning, director of the Lemann Institute for Brazilian Studies at the University of Illinois, to give us three things people ought to know about the first South American country to host the Olympics.