University of Illinois

University of Illinois

Some students upset words were added to Chief proposal

URBANA – A year after his demise, Chief Illiniwek is stirring controversy – this time in a University of Illinois student election.

Some UI students cried foul this week over last-minute changes in the wording of a ballot question asking if voters want the Chief reinstated as the UI symbol.

Herman calls for city action

CHAMPAIGN – University of Illinois Chancellor Richard Herman made a dramatic plea Tuesday night to the mayor and city council, urging them "to do the right thing" and take steps to curtail "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day."

Herman blasted the event, a bar-promoted drinking holiday that will occur this Friday and Saturday, as "an occasion that has no meaning other than to soil our campus and lower community standards."

Communications college gets new name

URBANA – The University of Illinois College of Communications finally has a new name – and a nifty new acronym.

With no debate, the faculty-student senate Monday approved "College of Media" as the new name for the college, two months after the suggestion favored by college faculty and alumni was shelved because of objections by other academic units.

Chancellor calls for end to Unofficial

URBANA – University of Illinois Chancellor Richard Herman is calling on the cities to put an end to the annual drinking "holiday" known as Unofficial St. Patrick's Day.

In remarks to the University of Illinois faculty-student senate Monday, Herman said he will attend tonight's Champaign City Council meeting to urge members to take a stronger stance on behalf of student safety.

Benefactors offer help with entrepreneurship program

URBANA – Champaign developer Peter Fox and venture capitalist G. Steven Burrill have pledged a total of $200,000 to help support a new University of Illinois program that provides life science students with training in entrepreneurship and management.

The program is a joint effort of the Institute for Genomic Biology and the College of Business, with the pledged money going toward scholarships, a UI news release stated.

Marshall police seek help identifying victim

MARSHALL – Police in Clark County are looking for help in identifying a man found dead in Marshall late last month.

On Jan. 25, about 9:45 a.m., someone found the body in a garbage bin in the 200 block of Walnut Street outside the Cherry Street Apartments.

Students use podcasts for class projects, self-expression

CHAMPAIGN – Want to know what's important to eighth-graders? Listen to their podcasts.

For Dunia Nadhimi, it's wearing her head scarf, part of her identity as a Muslim. It's not easy being the only girl wearing a scarf in her school. She didn't like the way the other kids looked at her at first, but now most are accepting.

Officially, 'holiday' a big mess

CHAMPAIGN – Early last March 2, toting empty beer kegs out the back door, Kyle Long and a buddy encountered some surprise guests: two men in blue, or in this case, the tan and green of the Champaign Police Department.

Both University of Illinois students were over 21 and had no underage drinkers in their all-senior house. But the law says you can have only one keg at a time during "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day," and well, rules are rules.

Crowd braves cold to hold vigil in memory of NIU victims

URBANA – They clustered in the bitter cold and the quiet of night, more than 500 students gathering at the foot of the Illini Union, faces solemn, stoic or sniffling.

They came to remember the Northern Illinois University students who died only days ago, students so like them, students attending a school so many of their own friends are attending.

Prof wants to provide best of care – from biggest to tiniest

URBANA – Go looking for examples of the work of Avery Bennett, and you'll find his name on a list of veterinarians to call if you keep a crocodile as a pet.

And on articles about diseases in snakes and rabbits. And on a guide to caring for injured, orphaned squirrels.