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University of Illinois

Mace 'wanted to build a better world'

The Rev. Miley Palmer is a man of God, but that doesn't mean he understands how a tragedy like the murder of his smart, talented granddaughter, Ryanne Mace, could have happened.

"You don't make sense of something like this," he said. "It has no meaning."

UI interim police chief: 'This hit very close to home'

URBANA – Interim University of Illinois Police Chief Jeff Christensen said he and many of his fellow officers didn't sleep so well Thursday night into Friday morning.

"This hit very close to home. A lot of us had sleepless nights that this was tagged to our campus," said Christensen.

UI's Rare Book Library to close to deal with mold problems

URBANA – The Rare Book and Manuscript Library at the University of Illinois holds such treasures as the papers of Carl Sandburg and H.G. Wells, a collection of 16th and 17th century German emblem books, Audubon folios, collections of John Milton and Marcel Proust, and early editions of Shakespeare.

It also has mold, and the library will close at the end of this month so the books and ventilation system can be thoroughly cleaned.

Colombian students lead march to protest rebels

URBANA – A group of Colombian students from the University of Illinois, along with their supporters, marched on the Quad Monday against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia People's Army, or FARC-EP, a designated terrorist organization according to the U.S. State Department.

The march was one of many being held across Colombia, the U.S. and countries around the world on Monday.

For fans, Jordan's visit a slam dunk

CHAMPAIGN – The Assembly Hall entertained its most famous guest – ever? – on Saturday.

You could make a case that title goes to Elvis, who rocked the joint in 1976. But the King probably did not sit on aluminum bleachers like Michael Jordan did on Saturday. And don't forget Bill Clinton's visit in 1998, though the prez wasn't there to watch his son play in a Big Ten basketball game.

UI police officer accused of domestic violence

ST. JOSEPH – A University of Illinois police officer accused of battering his wife Thursday has been placed on leave following his arrest.

Champaign County Sheriff Dan Walsh said Curtis Bolding, 49, of the 1400 block of East Grand, St. Joseph, was arrested by deputies Thursday night. Walsh refused to release any details of the incident but in bond court Friday, Assistant State's Attorney Chris Kanis said police were called to the home after 5 p.m.

UI, grade-school theater students team up

CHAMPAIGN – The plays to be performed on the University of Illinois campus are short, but packed with imagination, emotion, humor and a reminder of how good the simplest things can be.

The authors are fourth- and fifth-grade students from Washington Elementary School in Champaign.

UI prof gets a $9.1 million commitment for solar cell process

URBANA – It's not every day you get a call offering you $100,000 – much less a commitment for $9.1 million – but Munir Nayfeh got such a call in August.

The University of Illinois physics professor had just published a paper in the journal Applied Physics Letters. The paper explained how an ultrathin layer of nanomaterials could improve the efficiency of solar cells.

UI accounting team earns $10,000, spot among five finalists

CHAMPAIGN – Could you give a 12-minute presentation on whether a fictional country should stick with U.S. accounting standards or switch to international standards?

Would it be any easier if you were offered $10,000 for your efforts?

'Green' residence hall grows in Champaign

CHAMPAIGN – Back in the fall of 2006, when McKinley Presbyterian Church and Foundation staff sat down and began planning for a new residence hall, they put together a list of non-negotiable items.

Number One: It must be a green building.