University of Illinois

University of Illinois

UI art history expert to give lectures in Nebraska

URBANA — University of Illinois art history Professor Emeritus Jonathan Fineberg has been appointed the Visiting Presidential Professor at the University of Nebraska.

Feingold: Policy debate 'trivialized with cheap shots'

CHAMPAIGN — Americans showed a great interest in foreign policy in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, former Sen. Russ Feingold said Friday, but that concern for world affairs has regressed in the last 11 years.

UI trustees approve budget with lower state share, higher tuition income

URBANA — As expected, University of Illinois trustees approved a slightly larger budget Friday, as the university faced a decrease in its state appropriation, but a small uptick in income from tuition, grants and contracts.

UI trustees to review slightly larger budget

URBANA — Thanks to a small boost in income from tuition and grants, the University of Illinois' operating budget this year is slightly larger, with more money being directed toward financial aid, particularly on the Urbana campus.

12 hours of concrete pave the way for Fourth Street extension

CHAMPAIGN — For 12 hours on Thursday, workers poured, smoothed and worked the concrete that will become a 4,100-foot segment of a street that officials hope will spur the continued development of the University of Illinois Research Park.

Developer proposes student apartments on University

URBANA — A Florida developer has resurrected plans for a student apartment complex on the north side of University Avenue in Urbana.

The Bainbridge Cos. plan to build the five-story,197-unit complex with beds for 510 students in the 1000 block of West University Avenue.

UI slips in overall rankings, holds steady among public universities

UPDATED 10 p.m. Wednesday.

URBANA — The University of Illinois slipped slightly in overall national rankings, but held steady when compared with other public universities, according to the latest rankings published in U.S. News & World Report.

Slightly fewer freshmen at UI, but overall enrollment another record

URBANA — There are slightly fewer freshmen on campus this fall, but those who are here boast slightly higher ACT and SAT scores and higher class ranks than last year's freshman class.

This fall also marks an increase in the number of first-generation college students in the freshman class, according to the University of Illinois.

Twitter founder stops in C-U seeking employees for Square

URBANA — Twitter founder Jack Dorsey said he knew Twitter hit the big time in 2009 when he watched a presidential speech and saw senators using their phones while the president spoke.

Commodities trader off to Mozambique

MONTICELLO — A Monticello commodities trader left Saturday for two weeks in Mozambique.

While in the east African country, Jim Traub will work as a volunteer for CNFA to establish a small-scale soybean processing line there.

Traub doesn't know yet exactly what that will involve, but he believes soybeans can be used to improve the diets of people there.