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University of Illinois

Chief Illiniwek logo lawsuit dismissed

URBANA – A federal lawsuit by Jack Davis, the designer of the Chief Illiniwek logo, against the University of Illinois Board of Trustees was dismissed today.

U.S. Central District of Illinois Chief Judge Michael McCuskey dismissed the suit, ruling that the federal court has no jurisdiction for the breach-of-contract claim by Davis.

UI scientist writes book of simple truths about food

URBANA – First the nutrition gurus told us we shouldn't eat butter because it's an artery-clogging saturated fat.

Then they told us to watch out for margarine because it's an artery-clogging trans fat.

No gas? No problem: Bicycle sales, interest on the rise locally

The Bike Project's warehouse may look like the place where bicycles come to die, but really, it's just the opposite: This is where bicycles are reborn.

And, as gas prices rise and word of mouth gets out about the warehouselike space in the basement of Urbana's Independent Media Center, more and more bicycles are coming and going as more people join the cooperative or just pedal by to work on an off-kilter wheel or get a replacement part.

New law ensures schools are scrubbed with safer products

Summer custodial work has sometimes left harsher side effects than sore muscles for Don Dixon.

Dixon, who works summers doing custodial work in the Champaign school district, said one of the cleaning solutions he used one summer at Westview Elementary School produced blood blisters on his skin.

Reaching out to the youngsters

Some of the activities being offered to youths in the Garden Hills neighborhood in northwest Champaign, through a $218,000 program jointly funded by the city, park district and school district:

Science fiction might soon evolve into science fact

URBANA – Harry Potter's invisibility cloak may soon be within the reach of any ordinary American with a little silicon photonic crystal and a Ph.D. in engineering.

Say you have a battleship and you want to park it in the Boneyard without plugging quarters into Champaign's exorbitant meters. The cloak thought up by two University of Illinois researchers would bend light around the battleship, saving you from getting a ticket.

UI economic index gives some good news

URBANA – The University of Illinois flash economic index halted its yearlong slide in June, signaling at least a brief pause in the increasingly slow-growing Illinois economy.

The index stood at 102.3 in June, the same as in May, after falling from 106.8 a year ago when the state economy was growing rapidly.

Coal board to discuss uses for $2 million FutureGen pledge

CARBONDALE – Southern Illinois University's Clean Coal Review Board today will discuss spending the $2 million it had pledged to support building the clean coal-burning FutureGen plant in Mattoon.

The board, which is composed of Illinois legislators and coal industry officials, will discuss using that $2 million as a matching grant to the FutureGen Alliance, a group of 13 international power companies hoping to build in Mattoon. The money will go toward engineering studies needed to keep the project going until a new administration takes the White House, said Clean Coal Review Board chairman Rep. Dan Reitz, D-Sparta.

UI students begin work with Deere's engineers

CHAMPAIGN – Deere & Co.'s research center at the University of Illinois moves to a new home this week, but already students are working with Deere engineers on projects.

One student is working on engine modeling, another on control-systems development and the other five on sensor projects – chiefly to research and identify new sensor technologies.

Hot fun for the summer solstice

URBANA – The crowd inside the Krannert Center on Friday counted loudly the last 10 seconds to 6:59 p.m.

"Three ... two ... one ... happy summer," yelled Jim Kaler as he dropped a plastic time ball from his hand to the floor.