University of Illinois

Tuition increase proposed

URBANA – Earning a degree from the University of Illinois could get more pricey beginning this summer.

The UI Board of Trustees on Tuesday is expected to consider proposals to increase tuition and to add a new fee that would cover the costs of repairing and maintaining buildings on the three campuses.

'Unofficial St. Patrick's Day' issue put on hold

URBANA – A University of Illinois Senate meeting on Monday came to a rather abrupt end when several student members got up out of their seats, backpacks and jackets in tow, and left the room.

As a result, the campus legislative body did not have a quorum, and UI Chancellor Richard Herman adjourned the meeting.

Rumors on deadline circulating on Internet

In-boxes are once again being filled with e-mails warning consumers about a dire threat.

If you don't register your cellphone numbers with the Do-Not-Call Registry as soon as possible, starting today the telemarketers will come a-calling.

University planning modern-day update to building that opened in 1970

URBANA – The year: 1970. Vinyl was in. Platform shoes were gaining momentum. The personal computer? Still years away.

In the three decades since the University of Illinois Undergraduate Library opened its doors, the vinyl chairs have split open. And just about every table has a laptop, tablet computer or other portable device brought in by students.

Community gets glimpse of preliminary conference center plans

CHAMPAIGN – Preliminary drawings of the University of Illinois' new conference center show a building that can easily accommodate gatherings of 500 or more.

The conference center, planned for the south side of St. Mary's Road across from Assembly Hall, would be a single-story structure featuring a 7,500-square-foot ballroom, a junior ballroom, several conference and breakout rooms and a "board room" for more formal meetings.

Business school boosting ethics studies

CHAMPAIGN – The University of Illinois College of Business plans to beef up its ethics curriculum, thanks to two $4 million grants from the Deloitte Foundation and the U.S. District Court in Northern Illinois.

The college announced plans Thursday to establish a Center for Professional Responsibilities in Business and Society.

Float'n Illini use NASA equipment to test project to benefit satellites

On this type of flight, cocktail peanuts would fly right out of passengers' hands.

As would everything else.

Black power era discussed at UI seminar

URBANA – A University of Illinois seminar on black power is drawing scholars and activists from all over the nation, as well as one who's homegrown.

Terry Townsend, a fixture in local politics since the 1960s, will attend "Race, Roots, and Resistance: Revisiting the Legacies of Black Power," which continues through Saturday on campus.

Audit finds fault with travel receipts

URBANA – A state audit has found fault with how two former Urbana-Champaign campus researchers filed receipts for travel on federal grants.

The University of Illinois repaid the federal government $35,000 for expenses charged by the two unnamed married researchers, spokesman Thomas Hardy said.

Vote on UI engineering merger will wait

URBANA – After nearly two hours of contentious debate about merging two engineering departments, the University of Illinois' faculty senate realized it didn't have a quorum and shut itself down.

So the senate didn't vote Monday on merging its Theoretical and Applied Mechanics department with Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

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