University of Illinois

University of Illinois

UI shipping textbooks to countries in need

URBANA – Zumdahl's "Introductory Chemistry": $115.93.

Kohls' "Marketing of Agricultural Products": $108.93.

UI faculty expresses opposition to Chicago's Olympic bid

CHAMPAIGN – If the University of Illinois is unfit to host NCAA championship games because of its use of Native American imagery, it is also unfit to host the 2016 Olympics, wrote almost two dozen University of Illinois professors to the U.S. Olympic Committee.

In a letter sent Wednesday to the U.S. Olympic Committee chairman and chief executive officer, 22 UI professors stated if the UI does not get rid of its mascot, the Olympic Committee should look elsewhere for a host.

Mentoring program's goal is to add 100 volunteers

Fruits and vegetables? Check.

Original artwork and jewelry? Check.

Chance to help a young person grow into a successful adult? Check and check it out.

University's fund drive records reviewed

URBANA – The University of Illinois is reviewing its charitable fund drive records after discovering some UI employee donations may not have been funneled to the specific charities donors had selected.

The UI has given the correct amount of money to the 11 nonprofit agencies that participated in the 2005 Fund Drive. But at least one of those agencies, Community Shares of Illinois, was unable to distribute the money correctly to the nonprofits under its umbrella because it received an incomplete list of donor designations from the UI.

Retaining knowledge: UI tries to keep faculty from leaving

URBANA – Brian Wansink had it pretty good.

He liked his job as a professor of marketing, nutritional science and agricultural economics at the University of Illinois. He liked his colleagues. He liked Champaign-Urbana. He even played saxophone in a local band.

$3 million given to plan Lincoln Hall work

URBANA – Brad Bond ducked his head below a row of pipes and bent down a few inches as he made his way toward his office on Friday afternoon.

Past a stack of dusty glass panes, past piles of empty cardboard boxes and crates, and past a corner where there was a half-spilled bag of what looked like old cement mix.

School, unions still dancing to different beats

URBANA – They don't perform pirouettes or sing arias on stage.

Of the 10,000 or so employees of the University of Illinois, this is a group you might not have heard about.

University's considering its goals its focus for major fundraising push

URBANA – University of Illinois graduates, expect your alma mater to come calling a year from now.

Seven years after the university closed out a billion-dollar fundraising campaign, the UI will launch another major campaign.

UI parking fees to climb 7 percent this year

URBANA – The bad news is a parking permit at the University of Illinois will cost 7 percent more this year.

The good news is a parking permit will cost 7 percent more this year.

UI mulls selling more farmland at Allerton

MONTICELLO – Bridges – and roads, for that matter – apparently are not sexy.

At least not with donors.

And state agencies are not exactly rushing to repair or replace the crumbling bridge and bumpy roads within Allerton Park anytime soon.

Meanwhile, cracked paths need to be fixed. Garden walls need to be repaired.