University of Illinois

University of Illinois

Hogan, Easter talk with UI faculty at annual meeting

URBANA – Rasing tuition by levels like this year's 9.5 percent for new students is not something the University of Illinois can do very often, President Michael Hogan told the faculty Monday, so the best chance to create a fund to retain talented professors is to make further surgical cuts.

Information sought in aggravated assault on campus

CHAMPAIGN – Champaign and University of Illinois police are investigating an aggravated assault on campus late Friday night.

Latest Chief event drew estimated 5,200 to Hall

CHAMPAIGN – Attendance was more than doubled for the 2010 "Next Dance."

Samantha Uher, the president of the Students for Chief Illiniwek said about 5,200 people attended the dance at the Assembly Hall. That's down from 10,000 the first year, but far up from last year, which Uher estimated at 1,800.

Kookaburra not always laughing, but he's 'current star' as fundraiser approaches

URBANA – This kookaburra named R.J. is allegedly a laughing kookaburra, but Julia Katzenbach couldn't get even a smile out of him last week.

Katzenbach, one of the two student managers of the Wildlife Medical Clinic at the University of Illinois, was spending some quality time with the bird, originally from the Australia/New Guinea part of the world.

Religion professor back in UI classroom

URBANA – An adjunct professor fired and rehired by the University of Illinois says he's pleased with some, but not all, of an academic freedom committee's report.

Sarah "Sally" McFarland Carillon and Carillon Legacy Gardens dedication 2010

Guests of the  Sarah "Sally" McFarland Carillon and Carillon Legacy Gardens dedication gather at the site  on the south quad in Urbana, Ill on Friday, Oct. 22, 2010. 

University of Illinois 100th Homecoming - Parade and Pep Rally

The University of Illinois celebrates its 100th homecoming during a parade and pep rally in Champaign and Urbana, Ill on Friday, Oct. 22, 2010. 

Chief foes want to speed creation of new mascot

CHAMPAIGN – As long as the University of Illinois has no mascot, the debate over Chief Illiniwek will continue to divide the campus, Chief opponents say.

Students for a United Illinois called on the university Friday to speed up the process of choosing a new mascot to put the Chief debate to rest.

Extension names new directors for multicounty units

URBANA – The University of Illinois Extension has announced new directors for its multicounty unit offices around the state.

New dorm's namesake, Nugent 'never expected anything this wonderful'

CHAMPAIGN – Timothy Nugent was all about rolling back barriers in the 1940s, when conventional wisdom held that people with physical disabilities couldn't possibly live "normal" lives.

More than a half-century later, standing inside the new accessible University of Illinois residence hall named in his honor, Nugent marveled at how far the world has come.