University of Illinois

University of Illinois

School, unions still dancing to different beats

URBANA – They don't perform pirouettes or sing arias on stage.

Of the 10,000 or so employees of the University of Illinois, this is a group you might not have heard about.

University's considering its goals its focus for major fundraising push

URBANA – University of Illinois graduates, expect your alma mater to come calling a year from now.

Seven years after the university closed out a billion-dollar fundraising campaign, the UI will launch another major campaign.

UI parking fees to climb 7 percent this year

URBANA – The bad news is a parking permit at the University of Illinois will cost 7 percent more this year.

The good news is a parking permit will cost 7 percent more this year.

UI mulls selling more farmland at Allerton

MONTICELLO – Bridges – and roads, for that matter – apparently are not sexy.

At least not with donors.

And state agencies are not exactly rushing to repair or replace the crumbling bridge and bumpy roads within Allerton Park anytime soon.

Meanwhile, cracked paths need to be fixed. Garden walls need to be repaired.

UI students begin 'fantastic journey'

URBANA – "I'm ready to cry," said Pat Charnas, as her daughter Kate rose from her chair in the Illini Union and left to attend a meeting with advisers from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

"It's a little overwhelming," Charnas said, looking around the crowded ballroom. Kate is her oldest child, her first to attend college.

Net proposal worries area library officials

Proposed legislation in Congress to protect minors from online predators has some local libraries concerned that access to useful Web sites will be blocked as well.

The Deleting Online Predators Act would require libraries and schools to install online filtering software that prevents access by minors to social networking Web sites – ones that allow users to create Web pages or profiles and communicate through instant messaging, forums, e-mail and chat rooms, such as The act would allow libraries to disable the blocks for educational use by adults and minors with parental supervision.

Newest Chief waits to hear his fate

URBANA – The University of Illinois has chosen a new Chief Illiniwek, but will he ever perform on campus? Could he be the last Chief Illiniwek?

With a month to go before the next UI board of trustees meeting, the university is still officially mum on the fate of the school's 80-year-old symbol.

Union pickets blast final offer of negotiators

URBANA – Nurses, library workers and other employees at the University of Illinois staged an informational picket Thursday protesting what they call a "union-busting" final offer from UI negotiators.

About 400 members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 698 have been working without a contract since last August, when their last agreement expired. The two sides have had nine negotiating sessions since then.

New club promotes eating organic foods grown in the area

URBANA – Canned peas or fresh peas?

Rebecca Russell will take fresh vegetables any day. And if they were grown locally, well, that's even better.

Russell is the force behind a new University of Illinois student organization called Just.Food. She and other students want to raise awareness about the benefits of eating locally grown, organic produce.

Prof applies knowledge on Earth rivers to planets

Gary Parker looks at images from Saturn's moon Titan and sees the Sangamon, the Illinois, the Wabash and other earthbound rivers.

Oh, there are differences to be sure. That stuff running in Titan's rivers is probably liquid methane, not water, for one thing. And if you plucked a stone from the shore to skip across the surface, you likely would be skipping ice, not rock.