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Mark your calendars: The forecast for '14

A look at the dates you should circle in next year's planners, courtesy staff writers Bob Asmussen and Julie Wurth:


Top of the morning, Jan. 1, 2014

Something to get you going today, courtesy executive editor Jim Rossow:

Jan. 1, baby!

Today most certainly is a holiday for fans of college football.

The Illini aren't in action — it's been six years since they played on Jan. 1 and 24 years since they won on New Year's Day — but there are Illinois connections.

Top of the morning, Dec. 30, 2013

Something to get you going today, courtesy executive editor Jim Rossow.

Memory Lane

On Mondays, we'll make use of our extensive photo archives both in this space and on our News-Gazette Facebook page (where we'd love for you to weigh in).

$5 million nets alumus section in his name

CHICAGO — Though his job keeps him on the West Coast for long stretches, John Giuliani knows his way around Memorial Stadium and State Farm Center.

"He comes back a lot with the sole purpose of seeing us play," Illinois athletic director Mike Thomas said Friday night. "He'd be OK with me saying that in a lot of ways, he's just a normal guy, a guy who bleeds orange and blue."

Top of the morning, Dec. 28, 2013

Something to get you going today, courtesy executive editor Jim Rossow:

New Year's resolution anyone?

Karen Myers of Mahomet has a goal in mind, which she shared with us earlier this week in our lobby. In Sunday's News-Gazette, we'll show you what 18 other readers jotted down on our white board.

Those still on campus making best of winter staycation

URBANA — The dining halls are closed. Many Campustown buses run less frequently. The doors to the Activities Recreation Center are locked until Jan. 10.

But hey, Campus Recreation Center East is open; Jimmy John's delivers; and they're planning movie nights at the Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls.

Guest commentary: An alternative view on faculty unions

By James Barrett and Kathryn Oberdeck

Vision of the future: Two UI institutes experimenting with Google Glass

URBANA — Over the last few weeks, A.J. Christensen has been exploring technology straight out of a Robert Downey Jr. superhero flick.

Braggin Rights: Illinois 65, Missouri 64

The Ilini ended Missouri's Braggin' Rights winning streak with a game decided by trips to the foul line in the closing moments.

Former UI colleagues show support for Fu

The University of Illinois scientist walked into Paul Magelli's business consulting office and handed him a piece of paper with an algebraic equation.

As he tells it, Magelli looked at the equation and said, "I know math, but I don't know this level math. What does it do?"

The scientist, computer expert Ping Fu, told him, "It makes things perfect."