University of Illinois

University of Illinois

Jim Dey: It's hard to downplay cachet of UI's Kummerow

It was a big local story last week when longtime University of Illinois Professor Fred Kummerow died at age 102.

Commensurate with his stature as a longtime scholar and researcher, local media outlets, particularly The News-Gazette, reported extensively on his death. That's as it should be.

Clearing the air about Willard's new second airline

Steve Carter talks Willard Friday at 10 on WDWS.

John Frayne: Impressive display of young talent at festival

The audience members in the Foellinger Great Hall on Sunday afternoon were present at the first concert of the "Heart of Illinois Youth Festival."

Anderson named UI education dean

CHAMPAIGN — James Anderson, a longtime University of Illinois education professor and administrator and a key figure in attracting more African-American students to the school, has been named dean of the College of Education.

Part 31: Where were you the night John Lennon died?

With the UI celebrating birthday No. 150 this year, we caught up with hundreds of graduates who've gone on to greatness. Every Tuesday throughout 2017, Editor JEFF D'ALESSIO will tell their tales. Today, in Part 31: Dec. 8, 1980.

Inside the UI's commencement pitch to Obama

By all accounts, actor Nick Offerman's commencement address at the University of Illinois was a hit, even making a couple of top 10 lists of graduation speeches this spring.

He'd actually been invited last fall, along with a certain former president who ended up sending his regrets in March.

The Big 10 with Jeff D'Alessio, June 4, 2017

One thing you should know about Illinois' new basketball coach: If you ever happen to be in the same room as him, whatever you do, don't let him have the remote — 'unless you like never staying on the same channel for more than one minute,' buddy Garth Gardiner says.

Change is coming at Illini Union

URBANA — It's the front door to the campus.

The place where generations of University of Illinois students have downed caffeine, crammed for exams, napped on couches and relaxed with a game of pool, pinball or bowling.

Wired In: Eli Lazar

Each week, Paul Wood chats with a high tech difference-maker. This week, meet ELI LAZAR, an inventor who graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois and lives in Champaign. He invented Snooz, an inexpensive device for problem sleepers. It generates white noise for eight hours a night, for about $2 a year.

Will other ailing athletes follow Cvijanovic's example?

After convincing his alma mater to cut him a quarter-million dollar check for medical issues stemming from playing three seasons on Illinois' offensive line, Simon Cvijanovic has set out on a new course:

Helping scores of other college athletes who suffered like he did — and have sought his counsel, via private Twitter messages — get the same result.