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University of Illinois

UI expert: Shooting echoes acts through history

The killing of nine black Americans inside a historic church that's been at the forefront of civil rights for almost two centuries could be an "early indicator" of more hate crimes to come, an African-American historian says.

Updated: bid for new management for Willard Airport gets no responses

New 5:40 p.m. Thursday:

The chairman of the Willard Airport advisory committee said he isn't surprised, but is still disappointed, that no management companies put in a bid to run the Savoy airport by Tuesday's deadline.

UI veterinarians use crowd-funding for anesthesia study

URBANA — If there was a chance that a part of undergoing surgery could be made safer for dogs, and it cost less than the price of a new economy car to find out, would you help?

Fifty shades of gray

CHAMPAIGN — Grandma and Grandpa may look chilly wearing those sweaters, but there's some hot stuff going on in their bedrooms and it's often being shared online.

Surprised, you young whippersnappers?

A new study co-authored by a University of Illinois researcher seems to debunk some ageist stereotypes about technology-challenged older folks who have largely lost interest in sex.

Senators skip out on higher-ed hearing

SPRINGFIELD — Perhaps a professor should have taken attendance Tuesday when the Illinois Senate held a nearly 4-hour hearing on college affordability.

When the Senate convened shortly after noon, 42 senators were in attendance.

It'll be the Carle Illinois College of Medicine for now

URBANA — In a harbinger for other colleges at the University of Illinois, the new "Carle Illinois College of Medicine" will likely keep the working title it has used since March — at least until another donor steps forward.

Killeen: After censure, put focus on moving forward

URBANA — A censure by a national faculty group is a "call to step forward" to show that the University of Illinois is committed to shared governance and academic freedom, UI President Timothy Killeen says.

But the campus should worry less about what it needs for a "get-out-of-jail card" and more about its actions moving forward, Killeen said Monday.

UI scientists studying how brain temperature affects concussions

"You know exactly when it happens. You know that something's not right," recalled Austin Zima, a sophomore on the University of Illinois hockey team.

Zima suffered a concussion in 2014 and felt "immediate eye pain." He said, "You feel an immediate fog. I remember a couple games when I would sit on the bench. I would totally retract from the game."

Top of the morning, June 15, 2015: From the archives

There was a time, you may remember, when the Chief Illiniwek issue was not resolved.

Journey back with me to the year 2004, which seems in a way like ancient history now.

At the top of Page A-1 of The News-Gazette on June 15 of that year were two stories about the University of Illinois symbol, in advance of an upcoming UI trustees meeting.

It's official: UI censured over Salaita

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The University of Illinois administration has been formally censured by the American Association of University Professors over the Steven Salaita case.