University of Illinois

University of Illinois

What's in a name? Hackberry Hill

The temperatures have dipped and last weekend saw the first substantial snowfall of the season, which got many folks in the area thinking about breaking out the sledding equipment.

We live in an especially flat part of the state, though there are a few legitimate options for sledding in Champaign-Urbana.

Bike-sharing service pedaling its way to C-U

CHAMPAIGN — A bicycle-sharing program, similar to the Zipcar auto-sharing business that has operated locally since 2008, could debut in Champaign-Urbana next spring.

Jim Dey: A gold-medal posturing performance at UI

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There are people in this world who do not love their fellow man/woman, and the august members of the University of Illinois' faculty senate want everyone to know that they hate people like that.

Willard hopes Flightstar's new hangar is a big draw

CHAMPAIGN — Introducing Hangar 10.

It's Flightstar Corp.'s newest aircraft maintenance building, and its presence could be a positive sign for Willard Airport and passengers down the road.

Hangar 10 was built to maintain larger aircraft serviced by Flightstar, an aviation service business based at Willard.

UI to honor raises it promised to comply with OT rules

URBANA — The University of Illinois has decided to honor raises it promised to more than 600 employees to comply with new federal overtime rules, even though a judge has put those rules on hold.

But another 677 workers who were to become eligible for overtime pay under the new Labor Department regulations won't be getting it, at least for now.

Advocates optimistic despite UI's 'sanctuary' rejection

URBANA — Disappointed? Definitely.

Surprised? Not so much.

That was the view from University of Illinois staff members hopeful that the campus would be declared a "sanctuary" for undocumented students, following Tuesday's announcement that it wouldn't.

UI administrators say no to becoming sanctuary campus

University of Illinois President Tim Killeen said Tuesday that the school cannot be a sanctuary campus for undocumented immigrant students.

UI professor upset by police visit to his classroom

URBANA — A hunt for a stolen cellphone at the University of Illinois has triggered a debate about when campus police can enter a classroom.

The Oct. 10 incident has been magnified by tensions over police treatment of minorities across the country as well as racial incidents reported during the presidential campaign and its aftermath.

UI Senate passes resolution seeking to end campus aggression

URBANA — The campus senate approved a wide-ranging measure Monday calling on University of Illinois leaders to reaffirm their commitment to a campus climate "free from hostility, aggression and acts of hate," with clear sanctions for such incidents.

Life Remembered: Longtime academic 'always faced his fears'

URBANA — He was so lively, positive and proactive with his health, those who knew Paul Magelli Sr. well figured he'd be around forever.

"He's one of those guys you just thought was going to live to be 100 years old," said Jeff Brown, a dean at the University of Illinois' College of Business.