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University of Illinois

UI professor emeritus: Global population boom begetting challenges

URBANA — Just within the lifetime of University of Illinois Professor Emeritus David Sherwood, the world's population has tripled to nearly 7.6 billion, and though the rate of growth is declining, U.N. data predict there will be another 2 billion of us by 2050.

Sports-memoribilia appraiser can help you find out if fortune is in the cards

CHAMPAIGN — A few years ago, after he decided to turn his hobby of appraising vintage sports memorabilia into his full-time job, Michael Osacky took a look at a 1915 Cracker Jack complete baseball card set for someone.

The man figured the collection he inherited from family members was worth a couple thousand dollars.

UI program to be honored for expanded efforts to offer solace to those in need

CHAMPAIGN — Since 2008, the Education Justice Project at the University of Illinois has been working to transform the lives of incarcerated people and their families through higher education.

Since the 2016 presidential election, it expanded its reach to another marginalized group — immigrants.

UI engineering dean lays out his vision for provost job

URBANA — Andreas Cangellaris' goal for the University of Illinois is ambitious and straightforward: to make sure that the 21st century "has Illinois written all over it."

To do that, he said, the campus must assume "full ownership of our mission and our excellence," not depend on the state and its budgetary ups and downs.

$1 million gift to Allerton Park to be used to improve access to mansion

MONTICELLO — A $1 million gift to the Allerton Park and Retreat Center will improve access to the mansion, the top source of revenue for the University of Illinois park.

The gift from Dave and Debbie Rathje of Decatur will be used for a new 22-foot concrete driveway that will run along the current Gate House carriage lane, where guests would have historically approached the mansion.

UI documentary shows how black community supported students

The University of Illinois has accepted black students since its earliest days, with the first — William Walter Smith — graduating in 1900.

But only a handful were enrolled at any one time, and it would be decades before they could actually live on campus.

John Frayne: Ellnora concert intimate, delightful

Young, Australian-born guitarist Alberta Khoury gave a recital as part of the massive Ellnora the Guitar Festival at the Krannert Center last weekend. Her recital, on Sept. 16, was in the Studio Theatre, in club-style, which meant that food and drinks were available, and the audience was seated at mini, candlelit tables.

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Music created path for award recipient's humanitarianism in Africa

URBANA — A few years back, Sam Smith, the director of civic engagement and social practice at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, was working with a drummer from west Africa who was on the University of Illinois campus with the School of Music. The drummer mentioned to Smith that he was sending some money back to his home village to put clean water into a school he had built there.

UI provost finalist lays out priorities in first of public presentations

URBANA — Unlike its Big Ten neighbor one state to the north, the University of Illinois is "unapologetic" about its status as a land-grant university, says Sonny Ramaswamy.

That, along with the UI's global reputation, is what drew Ramaswamy to compete for the provost position at the Urbana campus.