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Legislators question UI's hiring of Kilgore

With the state in a far-from-robust financial condition, two area lawmakers have questioned University of Illinois officials about the wisdom of hiring former SLA member and social activist James Kilgore.

Wilson named new dean of LAS at UI

A top academic administrator will be the next dean of the largest college at the University of Illinois' Urbana campus.

Barbara Wilson, executive vice provost for faculty and academic affairs, today was named dean the Harry E. Preble Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, pending approval by the UI's board of trustees next week.

Updated: UI fraternity suspended over alleged vandalism

A fraternity at the University of Illinois has been suspended as officials investigate alleged vandalism by some members of the house.

Jim Dey: Kilgore supporters standing by their man

Nothing is so exciting as a cause celebre on a university campus; hence, the denunciations of a "rightwing smear campaign" are ringing loud and clear on the University of Illinois campus.

Whose turn is it to take the trash out?

You do the cleaning, the cooking, the family gift-buying and most of the child care. He mows the lawn and pays the bills.

Sound like a marriage made in heaven?

Programs set for would-be farmers

A roundup of agricultural news:

CHAMPAIGN — The Land Connection will sponsor two events during the next week: a Farmland Access Field Day for new and beginning farmers who need to rent or buy land and a Farmland Transition/Succession Roundtable for those who are — or will be — involved in a farm transition.

SURS will change interpretation of pension bill provision

An "ambiguous" provision of the Illinois pension overhaul that threatened to cut a year's worth of benefits for thousands of university employees unless they retire next month didn't affect state teachers the same way.

That's because the Teachers Retirement System interpreted the law differently than the State Universities Retirement System did.

Emergency agency grants school $25 million for safety projects

Todd Pence hopes no school district ever has to deal with an incident like the Columbine, Sandy Hook or Virginia Tech school shootings.

But starting next year, the St. Joseph schools chief and his staff plan to be armed with a new tool to rapidly alert each other and law enforcement in case of an emergency situation — all from the palm of their hand.

Trustees briefed on money purchase dilemma

As legal wrangling over the pension overhaul continues, University of Illinois officials briefed trustees Monday on the impact of the change to the so-called "money purchase" retirement formula.

Hundreds back Kilgore

CHAMPAIGN — Faculty support for James Kilgore continued to build at the University of Illinois on Monday as a group of his backers hand-delivered to administrators a petition demanding that his employment contract be extended. Also, an advisory body approved a resolution endorsing principles of academic freedom and employment equality.

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