Ned and Lizie Goldwasser, part III

Ned and Lizie Goldwasser, part III

Ned and Lizie Goldwasser, whose 70-year marriage was featured in the March 29 “Are We There Yet?” column, allowed us to videotape part of their interview with Julie Wurth.

The first segment opens with couple reminiscing about their marriage and honeymoon in 1940, just before Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to his third term. They also talk about the summers they spent in the Berkshires with their children, Ned’s standoff with the Soviets during an international physics meeting, and their trip to China in the 1970s.

The Goldwassers’ trip to China continues in the second segment, along with the year they spent on sabbatical in Rome and their trip to Europe last fall for their 70th anniversary.

In this final installment, the Goldwassers talk about their anniversary dinner at the legendary Taillevent in Paris, and Ned’s work for the Navy during World War II to protect ships from magnetic mines developed by the Germans.

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