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News-Gazette Videos

Those Who Served: Frances Schneider

Frances Schneider, 100, talks about befriending Champaign native Tech Sgt. John C. O'Donnell during  her time as a civilian instructor teaching Morse Code to enlisted men at Scott Field in Belleville during World War II.

Wired In: Mark Van den Avont

Mark Van den Avont has developed a composite foam that is lighter and less expensive than foam that is currently available to be used in impact applications like for gymnastics.

Getting Personal: Jamar Brown

Jamar Brown talks about his current activities at Newmark Civil Engineering lab in Urbana on Friday, July 6, 2018.

Friday on the Farm with Frank Pagel

Each week, ag reporter Ben Zigterman checks out what's going on in the farming community. This week, he spoke with Frank Pagel, co-owner of Helicopter Services of Illinois, about crop dusting.