VIDEO: DUI-arrest demonstration at Champaign County Jail

VIDEO: DUI-arrest demonstration at Champaign County Jail

With New Year's Eve approaching, the Champaign County Sheriff's Office gaveThe News-Gazette a demonstration of what happens when a citizen is arrested for DUI. Design editor Mike Goebel volunteered to take part in the demonstration. Though sheriff's Deputy Rich Ferriman said DUIs have decreased over the last few years with the advent of ride-hailing services, they're still prevalent on the holiday. "The last few years, I've seen a little bit of decrease in DUI's on New Year's," Ferriman said, "but they're still out there."

Anthony Zilis/The News-Gazette
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BigTenFan wrote on December 29, 2017 at 9:12 am

That is awesome.  Now try this same drill sober, at night, outside in the cold with a heavy coat on, flashlight glaring in your face, nervous because you did nothing wrong and the threat of losing $10,000 if you don't pass on the first try.