Homecoming tour: Illinois band concert at Krannert

Homecoming tour: Illinois band concert at Krannert

On Friday night after the Homecoming Parade, the Illinois band will be the main event. Director of Bands Stephen Peterson plans on making the second annual Homecoming concert, which will take place at at 7:30 p.m. at Krannert Center, an event that people will look forward to coming back to.

“It’s something we’ve had in the works for several years, which I think is already gaining some good momentum. We had a large crowd last year. We’re expecting more this year. It’s kind of the headliner for Friday night if people have nothing else to do, or even if they do have something else to do, go to dinner, come to the concert.”

The first half of the concert will feature the Wind Symphony and the Wind Orchestra, while the the Marching Illini will take over for the second half.

“We’re trying to make it a very special event by the kind of program we choose, choosing music that people really want to listen to,” Peterson said. “We really want the evening to be entertaining as much as anything else and for people to be proud coming back to Illinois and having something to do that night that will get them in the right spirit for the next day.” 

Anthony Zilis/The News-Gazette
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