Lots of music this week, from the Pygmalion festival to the Marching Illini to the Bob Dylan/Carl Perkins song, "Champaign, Illinois." Also, will The Ribeye ever open again?

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Questions about the number of traffic tickets written in Champaign County, Illinois athletics Hall of Famer Bob Richards, a new ice cream shop in Champaign, a possible new apartment building in Campustown, who Pond Street is named for, HD radio, Allegiant airplanes at Willard Airport and wildflowers in Thomasboro.

Christie Clinic informed patients in a letter that, starting Dec. 1, the only hospital where it will be providing its ob/gyn services will be Carle. Dr. Jared Rogers, president of OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center, said he was “very disappointed,” given the longstanding relationship between the hospital and Christie providers.

This week's panel: REO bandmates Bruce Hall and Dave Amato, Heart's Nancy Wilson, Alison Kra…

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