When firefighters arrived, “we had ... heavy smoke around the roof area and eaves of the home with fire mainly in the back side of the house,” Marcott said. “We had the fire pretty much knocked down in five-10 minutes” using hand lines.

The tributes continue to pour into The News-Gazette for Gene Hackman, the Danville product who last week celebrated his 93rd birthday. Checking in Sunday night: author John Grisham, who’s written 28 consecutive No. 1 fiction best-sellers, three of which were made into movies starring Hackman.

In honor of Gene Hackman's 93rd birthday, we asked his co-stars over the years to share their most unforgettable memory or movie role involving the Fischer Theatre usher-turned-two-time Oscar winner.

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Elizabeth Bartell's professional role model? "Anyone who owns or runs a business. I find there is so much valuable information to be gained by listening to their challenges and successes, not only in their careers but their everyday lives as well."

Silence is golden. At least you assume that with the proliferation of noise-cancelling headphones, especially considering the prices of the best models. Bose silenced the first shot of a revolution about 30 years ago with its first QuietComfort consumer headphones. Since then, any company wo…


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