Chaz Ebert: 'Our dilemma is that we still find ourselves in the midst of the first wave of the pandemic and, while we hope for a vaccine, the future still remains far from certain.'

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I’ve always been fascinated by the timeliness of movies. What with a usual lag time of about a year between the end of production and when a film hits the screen, that a feature speaks to social concerns occurring while it’s playing means that either the director in question was prescient or…

While visitors will be able to walk in to the museum for the first time since March, when UI ended in-person classes, the experience will be different.

Savannah Riddle is bored. She is discontent. Fancy dresses, fine dining, charming young men paying her attention; none of it thrills her as it used to.

The news hit local blues icon Candy Foster like a ton of bricks: His longtime friend and mentor, Tony Zamora, 90, had passed away.

'If you’re Black and racism hasn’t crossed your doorstep yet, I pray it never will, but in this moment of racial reckoning and face off against a double pandemic, we have an opportunity to right the wrongs that have happened to so many others. And where better to focus our collective attention than on the safety and care of our Black and Brown children.'

Semi-retired after 24 years as a professor of environmental chemistry from the University of Illinois, Richard A. Larson decided to write a murder mystery novel that he feels more accurately portrays scientists’ lives as, well, people.

As in the old Gershwin song “You say tomahto, I say tomayto,” you may call the device that fosters internet connectivity a “rauter” or a “rooter,” but don’t turn it off. Nearly everyone with an internet connection uses a router, although you can connect at a single fixed location directly to…