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School has begun and with it lots of learning! Here are two terrific new creative nonfiction picture books to help kids learn about anything from bridge building to volcanoes erupting. Engaging writing and creative approaches are sure to promote a love of learning.

It’s easy to overlook small publishers; they haven’t got the marketing resources to help their books leap out in front of readers. Today, I’m spotlighting a book from one of these small-but-mighty publishers, Fitzroy Books.

Writes Tom Kuipers: My wife and I are going to have a daughter and could not be more excited to welcome her to the world. With this in mind, I tried to find inspiration in my new role as a parent for the Champaign County Historical Archives’ contribution to this week’s “Inside Out” entry.

Germany, 1945. The war has ended. Concentration camps have been liberated, and Zofia Lederman, just released from Gross-Rosen death camp, is searching for her brother, Abek. She knows the rest of her family — parents, grandmother and aunt — were all sent to the gas chambers when they arrived…

Hopefully, our young readers are enjoying the outdoors this summer. They don’t need to go far to find things to spur their sense of wonder. These two new picture books show young people’s encounters with nature, which bring about wonder in simple but profound ways!