Illinois author Carol Coven Grannick has written a compelling new novel in verse about body image and the struggles one young girl experiences around her changing body.

Interested in starting a garden? Wanting to troubleshoot your gardening process? You will be in good hands with Joseph Tychonievich (writer) and Liz Anna Kozik’s (illustrator) new graphic novel “The Comic Book Guide to Growing Food.”

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I confess that I often get choked up when reading novels for young readers. But reading Sara Pennypacker’s latest novel, “Here in the Real World,” was the first time I remember actually bursting into tears.

JoAnn Allen Boyce was one of 12 African American students who desegregated Clinton High School in eastern Tennessee in 1956. She is also the coauthor along with Debbie Levy of “This Promise of Change: One Girl’s Story in the Fight for School Equality” (Bloomsbury 2019).