Flakes of snow wind-dance

“Self-Made Boys: A Great Gatsby Remix” (Feiwel and Friends 2022) by Anna-Marie McLemore is part of a series of classic remixes. Reading a “remix” helps you remember and compare it to the original.

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A gunshot rings out in Jackson, Miss., ending one man’s life and forcing two sisters on the run to save theirs in Wanda M. Morris’ riveting thriller “Anywhere You Run.” This 1960s-set historical fiction novel pits two courageous Black sisters against the racism of the Jim Crow South and is a…

Outspoken Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, an American woman born in 1832, was a Civil War surgeon and Union spy, an advocate of women’s dress reform and a suffragist. Although she was a contemporary of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, Walker saw things differently than they did.

The Best Books of 2022 lists have come out, and I’m honored to say that my book, “Bathe the Cat,” is on several lists, along with many picture books reviewed in this column, including “Powwow Day” and “Nigel and the Moon.” Here are two lovely multicultural picture books on the Chicago Public…