With this year’s Oscar ceremony being the least-watched and lowest-rated ever, it seems as though the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has gone from #OscarsSoWhite to #OscarsSoWhat.

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I really hate green peppers. I have no problem with the orange, red or yellow varieties, but those green ones! No thanks. I can detect the slightly acrid taste of this seemingly innocent vegetable in anything it might be in. Even the most minute amount manages to permeate and ruin any pasta …

For the millions that must have been spent on sets, machine guns, blank rounds of ammunition, pyrotechnics and everything else that’s needed to blow things up real good, Stefano Sollima’s “Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse” is a surprisingly boring affair.

Screen Gems is employing a rather inspired, slightly blasphemous approach in distributing Evan Spiliotopoulos’ “The Unholy,” a modest thriller about miracles occurring in a small Massachusetts town.