For Gina Manola, there was no better way to honor her late husband than providing a space for people to enjoy the music he loved.

This week's lineup: Allison Semmes on Ollie Watts Davis; Carol Marin on Joe Wenzel; Michael Kelly on Heywood ‘Woody’ Sanders; Roxanne Decyk on Emily Watts; Carol Ross Barney on Jack Baker; Grace Hou-Ovnik on Louis Liebovich; Amber McReynolds on Brian Gaines; Scott Atlas on Gilbert Haight; Susan Avery on Marvin Geller; and Arielle Gross Samuels on Paul Braun.

When he’s not at the bar known for its famous fried fish Fridays and catchy motto (“Food, Drink, Sports and ROCK!”), Grassman can usually be found onstage playing the guitar, drums, harmonica, mandolin, keyboards or kazoo with any of the three bands he’s a member of.

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Recollections of 2020 will include community sing-alongs from porches and driveways, anguished home-schooling sessions, and family weddings via Skype. Sweatpants and T-shirts became the new business attire, board games were cool again, silly livestreams the next best thing to “Saturday Night…

The news hit local blues icon Candy Foster like a ton of bricks: His longtime friend and mentor, Tony Zamora, 90, had passed away.

In their decades of running Bowers Tree Experts in Danville, John and Pat Bowers have used bucket trucks for a lot more than just clipping high-hanging branches.

To celebrate Juneteenth, the University of Illinois' Altgeld Chimes will ring out tonight for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began in March.

Steve Holstein: "It's rare that somebody has the opportunity to host any show for that long and have the level of success that we had. Am I sad that it ended? Yes. Am I sad the way it ended? Sure. I wish I could have had another month to reminisce and say goodbye."