From left: Mitch Marlow, Jack Brighton and Kenny Reiss.

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Are you one of those music fans who camped out for days to buy Bruce Springsteen tickets in the early 1980s? If yes, then The K-Tel’s have a show for you.

On Feb. 18, Urbana’s Rose Bowl welcomes the trio of Kenny Reiss, Mitch Marlow and Jack Brighton to perform the Boss’ iconic, chart-topping 1984 album “Born in the USA.”

The band will play all 12 songs from the No. 1 LP, plus a bonus Springsteen song by guest artist Chachi.

Also joining the K-Tel’s for the show are local keyboardist/organist/pianist Kurt Reeder. Jonny Beckett will handle the Clarence Clemons parts on the saxophone and Kayla Brown, Carrie Chandler, Kathy Harden, Dawna Nelson and Kenna Rae Reiss will sing.

“Kenny, our singer, will sing about half the album’s tracks, and the other half will be sung by the guest singers,” Marlow said. “We thought it was fun to use all female singers. It drives home the fact that we’re not doing a tribute show. We’re not trying to appear to be Springsteeen and the E Street Band. We’re just reverently covering that album.”

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The K-Tel’s normally play music from the 1960s and ‘70s.

“We accidentally started learning Bruce Springsteen songs from the ‘80s,” Marlow said. “They fit in our wheelhouse.”

The band decided to do an album show. Their familiarity with “Born in the USA” made it a logical choice.

“Kind of a ‘D’oh’ moment,” said Marlow, who works in sales and public relations at Champaign’s Virginia Theatre when he isn’t playing guitar and bass.

The opening act is Sweet Melk, featuring Kenna Mae Reiss, daughter of Kenny Reiss.

Besides the Feb. 18 show, The K-Tel's will also be appearing at the Rose Bowl this Friday night from 8 to 11.

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