This month, four exciting artists — Danzel Thompson-Stout, Roxane D’Orleans Juste, Rachel Rizzuto and Jaylen De’Angelo Clay — will present works engaging ideas and social phenomena.

For the third-year master’s candidates in dance at the University of Illinois, this year’s spring performances have a new wrinkle.

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Its doors closed due to pandemic restrictions, Danville’s historic Fischer Theatre still is providing community entertainment while raising money to pay bills.

Of all the videos that played in 2020 at, the aerial tour of the University of Illinois was multimedia editor Anthony Zilis’ favorite.

This week's lineup: Allison Semmes on Ollie Watts Davis; Carol Marin on Joe Wenzel; Michael Kelly on Heywood ‘Woody’ Sanders; Roxanne Decyk on Emily Watts; Carol Ross Barney on Jack Baker; Grace Hou-Ovnik on Louis Liebovich; Amber McReynolds on Brian Gaines; Scott Atlas on Gilbert Haight; Susan Avery on Marvin Geller; and Arielle Gross Samuels on Paul Braun.

At the Virginia Theatre, 'the focus is on planning for the future when we can reopen our doors and do what we’re meant to do.'

'We were in the process of becoming a temporary drive-thru restaurant if we were not allowed to open as a theater for the time being, so we could survive until the restrictions were lifted.'