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CHAMPAIGN — When Parkland College student J’Lyn Hope was forced to read the play “How I Learned to Drive” in a class, she fell in love, faculty adviser Michael O’Brien said.

Each year, the Parkland College theater department leaves one slot open for student-run plays, and this spring, Hope’s was chosen.

“We wanted to go with a much more theatrical season, and this play is nonlinear, nontraditional in terms of its structure, and it requires the audience to participate in creating the scene and that kind of thing because it moves around a lot,” O’Brien said. “I think that’s one of the (reasons it was picked) is that it’s a bit more theatrical than normal, straight plays.”

The play goes back in time again and again, going over the memories of the main character’s childhood, including her inappropriate and complicated relationship with her uncle.

Hope will direct the play, which will run tonight through Sunday and Feb. 14-16. It stars Haylee Denzer as Lil’ Bit and Thomas Fitch as Uncle Peck.

“A woman is coming to terms with the fact that her uncle molested her many years ago despite the fact that she grew up kind of trusting him and him being the only father figure that she really had,” O’Brien said. “That’s just one of the many takes on it.”