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THOMASBORO — The village has come up with a unique-to-Illinois way to thank those who served: plaster their faces and feats all over town.

Thomasboro is only the third Land of Lincoln community to participate in the national Military Tribute Banner program, also in place in Lincoln and Mason City.

The program honors both veteran and active-duty military members with colorful banners displayed on street poles, outside government buildings, in cemeteries and elsewhere.

The banner project is being paid for locally via GoFundMe donors. As of Friday afternoon, seven had given a combined $510 to Thomasboro’s cause.

MMM Thomasboro

Banners honoring the village’s veterans and active-duty military are on display in Thomasboro.

Twenty-seven signs are now hanging throughout the village, leaving just three more to fund and put up.

The 30 Thomasboro residents being honored, by branch:


Shane Curry

Melvin Ghrist

William McGinn

Frederic B. Meek

Bryce G. Morris

Sean T. O’Donnell

Larry Shurbet

Mark Wanke


Gary L. Albers

Leon Albers

Willard Bunnell Sr.

John Curry

Daniel R. Ehler

Nancy Enghausen

Robert Enghausen

Kenneth Kocher

William Moore

James M. Richardson

Michael Smith

Andrew J. Tiede

Christopher M. Wiese

Todd Wilson


Ronald J. Castle

Kenneth J. Costa

Harold Hough

Bill Quinlan

Mark Ratts

Gerald J. Yusko


Herman S. Albers

Ronald D. Frerichs

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