“Throughout all these changes, my one goal is to create systems that were sustainable and effective for the future,” said Daily Illini Editor-in-Chief Diana Anghel. “For a long time, it felt like we were at a forefront of a battle, and we did not have enough weapons to be fighting in that battle.”

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Topics include the number of UI students actually on campus this fall, Broadway shows at the SFC, more fast food in Campustown, labor shortages affect UI football games, construction on University Avenue, another movie starlet from central Illinois and the unusual color of Urbana fire trucks.

My business role models are ... 'the former owners of the salon I purchased. Many business practices I agreed with, so I adopted them. They never left my side after purchase. Now it has been three years and I rarely need to call them for day-to-day operations but I know if I ever need them, they will be there.'

The UI campus’ new flagship dining hall seats up to 1,385 eaters at its nine themed “micro-restaurants” — from demonstration kitchen Table 1867 (named for the year the university was founded) to the eastern hemisphere appeal of Fusion 48 (the same number of Asian countries in the United Nations).

Among the housing crises in this nation caused by forest fires and hurricanes is the continuing legal crisis of residential tenants greatly behind on rent from last year’s COVID-19-induced economic calamity.

The cycling enthusiast's business role model? "Jerry Ramshaw. I watched him begin his company with two houses and an old Jeep. He used to plow snow for extra income. He has lent me his ear throughout my career and was invaluable when I decided to start my business."

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