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“If you grow them a few years, then you’re probably hooked for life. When you see a pumpkin grow two pounds in one hour, it’s just amazing. Many will grow 40 to 50 pounds every day for three weeks, then start to taper off.”

“They got going gangbusters in mid-September; then the rains came. Last week was pretty slow. We are starting to get back into it here the last couple days,”  Ludlow Coop Manager Paul Seaman said before the rain returned Monday.

Blasts from the past: Lincoln Lodge, the Tumor, Destihl, Lou Gold, Illini Oil and running at the UI Armory. Also, the Illini Anthem, Custard Cup traffic, The Ribeye, Li'l Porgy's, video gaming, very tall corn and causes of death in Illinois last year besides COVID-19.

It’s been a “tale of two halves,” according to Wesley Walbaum of Advanced Agrilytics, an agronomic tech company.