harvest numbers 2019

A farmer harvests soybeans Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019, west of Staley Road in Champaign.

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Illinois corn and soybeans are still behind schedule, but farmers are finally starting to harvest.

“Farmers are just getting started in the field in East Central Illinois,” Growmark treasurer Jeffrey Lynch said Thursday at Busey’s 67th Economic Forum. “I think we’ve lost our last 80-degree day, and some of the crops aren’t quite mature yet.”

Asked how farmers are doing economically, he said the next few weeks are important.

“Farmers are just above break even, depending on their situation,” Lynch said. “I think the crop yields, they’re right in front of us in the next three to four weeks as we learn about that, and our president’s ongoing negotiations with China are the most important things.”

As of last week

— 59 percent of Illinois corn is mature.

— 13 percent has been harvested.

— 65 percent of Illinois soybeans are mature.

— 11 percent has been harvested.

As of this time a year ago

— 99 percent of Illinois corn was mature.

— 61 percent had been harvested.

— 92 percent of Illinois soybeans were mature.

— 40 percent had been harvested.