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Listed are permits for all new single-family and multifamily residences as well as commercial and industrial work and residential remodeling costing over $25,000. Permits are listed by applicant, description, site and cost.


Tim Smith Construction, new single-family residence at 3717 Sandstone Drive, $134,000.

Habitat for Humanity, new single-family residence at 1013 W. Eureka St., $111,000.

Jackson Quality Construction, remodeling of single-family residence at 905 Barclay Court, $42,000.

NWS Architects Inc., building exterior wall on west wing of building at 2000 N. Neil St., $2,485,165.

Distributed Generation Inc., rooftop solar array at commercial building at 100 W. University Ave., $65,000.

DBSG LLC, Haymakers fuel canopy at 3501 Fields South Drive, $75,000.


Mahomet Public Library, sign/awning/canopy at 1702 E Oak St., $42,095.

Armstrong Construction, new single-family residence at 1313 Briarwood Drive, $425,000.


Rantoul Foods, new industrial buildings at 205 Turner Drive, $16,000,000.

The Carle Foundation/Advanced Commercial Roofing, ACC/reroofing at 1540 E. Grove Ave., $202,725.

Gerald Glazik Trust, new single-family residence at 805 N. Maplewood Drive, $53,800.


Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 102 Gailardio, $280,000.

Ironwood Builders Inc., new single-family residence at 205 Gailardio, $255,000.

Taylor’d Restoration, addition at 509 E. Tomaras Ave., $93,000.

Armstrong Builders of Champaign, new single-family residence at 101 Shiloh, $280,000.


Illinois American Water Co., parking lot at 1912 Oak St., $797,400.