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My business role models are ... 'the former owners of the salon I purchased. Many business practices I agreed with, so I adopted them. They never left my side after purchase. Now it has been three years and I rarely need to call them for day-to-day operations but I know if I ever need them, they will be there.'

The cycling enthusiast's business role model? "Jerry Ramshaw. I watched him begin his company with two houses and an old Jeep. He used to plow snow for extra income. He has lent me his ear throughout my career and was invaluable when I decided to start my business."

"A young woman came to get a birth certificate and brought her 4-year-old son in with her. He saw my picture on the wall and asked if I was the President. He was excited to see someone who looked like him on the wall so staff notified me and I was able to introduce myself and take a picture with him."

MONTICELLO — As the president of the Monticello Railway Museum, George Roadcap is the final decision-maker on day-to-day operations at the nonprofit, all-volunteer railroad museum in Monticello, about 18 miles west of Champaign.

"Working in conservation and parks since I was 16, I watched high-level superintendents and directors ... step away from the desk to pick up trash, clean toilets and mow. We all wear 500 hats in this field. 'Other duties as assigned' applies to everyone."

Village Administrator Scott Eisenhauer said the development will include a “national coffee beverage franchise” with a drive-thru in one 2,200-square-foot building and a separate structure with three to four tenants in a 7,500- to 9,000-square-foot structure, the size of which will be determined based on the tenants.

Before the vote to rezone a nearby residence, Ursula Roncevich Baker objected loudly. For more than a year she has planned to open a feed store in the old car dealership at 108 W. State St. and said the zoning change will negatively affect her business. It is not open yet.