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The hardest thing about being a leader is … "that ultimately, no matter what, I am responsible for whatever happens in the businesses. Which means, in practice, everything from fixing the soda gun at 1 a.m., to making sure the bills are paid, to dealing fairly with random well-meaning but inebriated guests."

Listed are permits for all new single-family and multi-family residences as well as commercial and industrial work and residential remodeling costing over $25,000.Permits are listed by applicant, description, site and cost.

“If Illini Angels existed five years ago, my fundraising experience would’ve been much easier and streamlined and overall better,” said Paul Couston, who started two businesses on the UI campus. “Most of the angels I’ve raised money from are Illini or former Illini.”

A new fence behind the Mattis Avenue fire station, all those JULIE utility-marking flags along U.S. 45 south of Savoy, the future of Harker Hall on campus, more car-wash changes in C-U .... this week's 'Bag is stuffed.

Among the features in her plan would be a raised pavilion/stage area that could be used for concerts or small gatherings and parties, and signs featuring the city’s name and emblems that set it apart, such as the high school’s Purple Rider mascot, broomcorn and its place on the map, to encourage photo opportunities.

The Golden Nugget will have a retail sports book and eventually access to a digital sports book. There will be kiosks and a live station for sports wagering with plenty of TVs and a sports bar.

Started in 1948, three years after the end of World War II by good friends Lloyd Worden and Howard Martin, both natives of Michigan, Worden-Martin has continued to thrive in various iterations — first as a used-car dealership and later selling new cars at several locations.