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Rogue Barber Co. owner Michael Long cuts Ace Camfield's hair Friday, Dec. 13, 2019, in his new downtown Champaign shop, which features a pool table, couches, and a mini-fridge.

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This week’s stop in our video series on local businesses with stories to tell: Rogue Barber Co. in Champaign, where cutting hair is just part of the story.

When owner Michael Long opened Rogue Barber Co. in downtown Champaign six weeks ago after recently closing in Monticello, he set up his business to become more than a simple barbershop.

“When I envision an old-school, classy barbershop,” Long said, “what I picture is not only the haircuts, the shaves, the beard trims, etc., but also it just being a meeting place, sharing ideas, meeting people, helping them, sometimes them helping you. A community.”

Long has adorned his space on Washington Street, which is large for a barbershop, with couches, a mini-fridge with drinks, and a pool table.

He said he plans on buying a TV and hosting after-hours events, when he’ll invite customers to come watch a game and order food. And other days, he simply wants people to come by and hang out.

“We really encourage guys to come by and hang out even if they’re not spending money that day,” Long said. “Sort of like a think tank, gathering place where, you never know, you might find your next career or make friends with someone who has similar hobbies.”


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