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CHAMPAIGN — Golden Corral’s building permit with the city of Champaign has been extended but the company has still taken no action, about a month before it’s set to expire.

Champaign issued a building permit for the restaurant at 1202 W. Anthony Drive in July 2018, but the company didn't pick up the permit until January.

Then in July, its permit expired but the restaurant reached out to the city to extend it.

That extension was granted, Champaign Building Safety Supervisor Randy Smith said.

"The permit was extended, but no further action has taken place yet," he said in an email.

Golden Corral now has until October 23 to complete its work, according to the permit, which calls for a 10,308-square-foot restaurant on the 2.7 acre lot behind Rural King and Sam's Club.

The company could not immediately be reached for comment.