Just Askin' | Prospect/I-74 bridge meeting


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Q: What are they doing on Prospect Avenue at Interstate 74? Why is there going to be a public meeting?

A: Beginning June 1, the Illinois Department of Transportation plans to rehab the bridge, which will likely cause significant traffic headaches on an already busy corridor to the North Prospect Avenue shopping district.

IDOT will be holding a public meeting at 6 p.m. Monday at Parkland College. A bright orange sign sits on either end of the bridge alerting drivers to the meeting, which be held in Room D 244.

"There will be an overview of what will happen, how it will impact traffic, and proposed alternate traffic routes to access North Prospect during construction," said Ken Crawford, implementation manager for IDOT's District 5.

The bridge will be redecked and get some potholes fixed.

"We're putting in a little bit of money (so it can) last another 20 years," he said.

The project is expected to cost $1.4 million and is supposed to wrap up by the end of October, before holiday shopping begins in earnest.

During construction, the bridge will always be open, Crawford said, but the construction may close the ramps from Interstate 74 if traffic backs up onto them.

"The ramps are slated to remain open," he said. "However, if traffic is queuing up onto the interstate as a result, we're going to have to do something. We can't have sitting ducks with people traveling 60, 70 mph."