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Q: What were the most popular video-gambling spots in C-U in the first half of 2019?

A: As measured by net terminal income — the amount of money put into a machine minus the amount paid out — the top 10 spots had their differences — a mix of businesses spread out over a wide area — but also similarities — all are close to major intersections or large retail areas, and all have the most number of terminals allowed by law: five.

Half of the list is in Champaign, but Urbana, Savoy and even an unincorporated part of the county made it.

JA video gambling Mach1-1

The Mach 1 truck stop is shown Friday, Aug. 9, 2019, in Champaign.

Tops in the first half of 2019, as it has been before, is the Mach 1 truck stop (right), 902 W. Bloomington Ave., C, with net terminal income of $640,728.68. That owes to it being open 24 hours and along Interstate 74 at the Prospect Avenue exit.

No. 2 is also a Champaign truck stop, but on the other side of town — the Circle K at 4202 W. Springfield Ave., at the intersection of Springfield and Staley. Net terminal income: $481,818.24.

Urbana’s top spot, at No. 4, is one of seven gambling cafes on the list: Lacey’s Place, 110 E. University Ave., in a strip mall on the northwest corner of the Five Points intersection. Net terminal income: $370,154.94.

Just behind it, the only bar on the list: Pia’s, 1609 W. Springfield Ave., C. Net terminal income: $364,815.50.

Savoy checks in at No. 6 with Emma’s, in the Savoy Plaza off Dunlap Road, with a net terminal income of $357,151.37. And at No. 9, just outside the limits of northeast Urbana, at the intersection of Cunningham Avenue and Airport Road, is Black Jack’s, with net terminal income of $306,242.25.

An interactive map is below:

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