Old Navy Market Place move

This map shows the current location of the Old Navy store in Market Place Mall in the former Bergner's wing, left, and where it intends to move in the Dick's wing.

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CHAMPAIGN — Old Navy will soon relocate and join Gap, H&M and Forever 21 in the Dick’s wing of Market Place Mall.

Old Navy is currently in what used to be the Bergner’s wing.

Bergner’s closed in August 2018; a Costco store that is scheduled to open next year will be built in its former location.

Mall General Manager Dennis Robertson said Old Navy will use a combination of five spaces and will have both indoor and outdoor entrances.

“The Old Navy location is combination of five spaces to have one space that’s large enough,” he said. “That’s been a whole hopscotch of moving things around.”

The move will happen some time before Thanksgiving, Robertson said, and in the meantime, Old Navy will remain open.

LensCrafters is also moving from the Bergner’s wing to the Dick’s wing, Robertson said, and will open next to the Comcast store.