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What’s the status of Clark and Glow bars in Champaign?

After a recent ruling from the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, the bars’ future is on the rocks.

As the city’s liquor commissioner, Mayor Deb Feinen revoked the liquor license of controlling licensee Phantom Inc. in May 2022, citing an “ongoing pattern of noncompliance” with city code and agreements.

Phantom Inc. soon appealed, but the state liquor commission affirmed the city’s revocation after discussing the case on Dec. 14, 2022, and the licensee didn’t petition for rehearing, Deputy Liquor Commissioner Matt Roeschley said.

“At this point, it’s a dead issue,” he said. “There are no further legal proceedings.”

The two bars, located upstairs and downstairs at 207 W. Clark St., C, were shut down twice in a six-month period by emergency orders issued by the city after several incidents in and around the property.

After another emergency closure on March 17 of last year, Champaign’s liquor commission allowed the bar to hold a private “runner’s event” on March 24 under certain conditions: The premises had to stay closed to the public, the event had to end by 1 a.m., and the number of people was limit to about 30 to 40.

However, video evidence from the night showed patrons, several of whom weren’t wearing any runner’s clothing or gear, staying in the bar past 1 a.m., the commission said.

“Video evidence from a police officer body camera walking throughout the premises at the Non-Runner’s Event shows just over 40 persons in a nightclub environment with the performance of a guest DJ,” the order states.

Social-media posts from Clark Bar show the establishment opened several times to serve brunch and other meals, without alcoholic beverages.

“Clark hopes to continue to showcase local talent and serve our loyal patrons,” the bar said in an August 2022 Facebook post. “We hope the City reinstates our license as a bar cannot survive as a restaurant.”