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Sightlines to the televisions, manager Jason Reda said, were a major consideration when planning the layout of the new Kam's location at the intersection of First St. and Green St., a massive "Block I" hangs above the bar featuring photos of customers who submitted them.

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CHAMPAIGN — Kam's is set to reopen this evening at its new location in Campustown.

The popular Campustown bar announced Wednesday that it would open later today at 9 p.m. at the corner of First and Green streets.

"It was a real team effort, from my partners down to the architecture firm to Wells & Wells Construction," owner Scott Cochrane said. "It's a really solid product that's built to last a long time."

The bar had closed in October at its longtime location in the 600 block of Daniel Street to make way for an apartment/office/retail complex there.

All the buildings on that block have since been demolished.

The new location includes three bars in one building: Kam's, Stan’s and Second Chance.