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If Daiven Kayne Michael Emling's Garden of Eatin' cafe, bakery and dispensary becomes a reality, customers will be able to enjoy cannabis-infused food and drink, and then perhaps receive a CBD-oil massage before smoking a joint or blunt on a patio outside.

Walgreens is making it easier for customers dispose of unused drugs safely.The drugstore chain said Monday that at each of its more than 9,500 U.S. locations, it will offer packets that customers can use to turn medications into a useless gel before throwing them in the trash at home.

NEW YORK (AP) — Craving a Slurpee from 7-Eleven but you're stuck in the park?Not to worry: The convenience-store chain is launching a service that lets customers order everything from its famed frozen drink to a battery charger and have it delivered to a public place like a park or a beach.

The director of the nonprofit Champaign Center Partnership talked with staff writer Julie Wurth about the redevelopment she hopes will link the downtown, Midtown and Campustown business districts.