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Q: Will I be able to buy a joint at Phoenix Botanical on Jan. 1?

A: You will, if you’re 21 or older.

You’ll also be able to buy edibles, gummies and brownies, said Jason Erkes, spokesman for Cresco Labs, the parent company of Phoenix Botanical.

“We will sell something in every one of those categories,” he said. “We’ll certainly have raw flowers, joints and edibles.”

Its website lists a wide variety of edibles, from milk chocolate peanut brittle and caramels to strawberry-banana fruit chews and mints.

The store at 1704 S. Neil St., C, currently sells medicinal marijuana and has received a license to begin selling cannabis to the masses once it’s legal Jan. 1.

Erkes said it will be just like buying anything else.

“All you’re doing is showing your driver’s license or state ID for proof of age,” he said.

The other local medical marijuana dispensary — NuMed in Urbana — is also seeking a recreational-marijuana license.