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Q: Has construction on the new Costco begun?

A: Not yet, but Market Place Mall has begun making preparations.

Late last month, it received a building permit to build a new wall on the west wing of the mall, which will separate it from what will become the new Costco.

The Costco will be built where Bergner’s was before it closed in 2018. A permit to demolish the old Bergner’s is still under review.

“There will be a new exterior wall built on the west side of the mall as part of the Costco development,” general manager Dennis Robertson said. “The new exterior wall will be near Justice and Torrid. All retail space to the west will be removed as part of the Costco development.”

Two other stores, Old Navy and Lenscrafters, are relocating across the mall.

“Both have new stores nearly completed on the east side of the mall. Old Navy will have a mall entrance in the Dick’s/Field & Stream wing and an exterior entrance from The Courtyard,” Robertson said. “Lenscrafters will have an exterior entrance from The Courtyard. Both will be opening in late October to early November.”

In addition, the mall office relocated to the J.C. Penney wing between Encore Shoe Department and Jimmy Jazz.

The city of Champaign approved a $2.75 million tax-incentive agreement with Costco in July, and the store is hoping to open in October 2020.