Casey's Tolono

The Casey's in Tolono is shown in June 2018.

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TOLONO — The Casey’s in Tolono is donating its portion of a winning $100,000 lottery ticket to two local charities.

“The lottery gives 1 percent back to the store that the winning ticket was purchased from,” manager Jodi Pearce said.

She didn’t have the exact amounts but said the checks will be presented to the Tolono Fire Department and the Tolono Lions Club at 10 a.m. Friday at the store.

“Casey’s always donates any money we get back from a big lottery winner,” Pearce said. “The lottery will pay out to the store if it’s $25,000 and over.”

She said the lucky ticket was bought a couple months ago and no one is sure who bought it.

“We don’t have any idea,” she said. “We’re thinking that maybe it’s not someone right from Tolono. It’s such a small town; we would know who the winner is. There would be talk.”