The Urbana and Champaign Sanitary District (UCSD) will be holding a Public Hearing to provide information about the District’s plans for constructing improvements to its Southwest and Northeast Wastewater Treatment Plants. The Public Hearing will be held at the following time, date, and location:

MEETING TIME: 5:30 P.M. Local Time

DATE: Tuesday,

February 7, 2023

LOCATION: Board Room

Administration Building (Station R)

1100 East University Ave.

Urbana, IL 61802

Staff from the District will present during the Public Hearing a brief informational presentation about the proposed treatment plant improvements project. During the meeting, District Staff will review the findings of the project summary and the Preliminary Environmental Impact Determination (PEID).

Following presentation, District Staff will make a formal request for public comments. At the end of the meeting, District Staff will be available to address any concerns, questions, or comments that citizens may have about the project.

Those interested in making written public comments on the project must do so within 10 days after the date of this meeting, and shall forward such comments to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), to be directed to the contact person at the IEPA address listed in the PEID document. Copies of both the Project Planning Report and the PEID are currently available for public viewing at the UCSD Administration Building, which is located at 1100 East University Avenue Urbana, IL 61802.

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