Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, who is joined by the sheriff’s association, denounced J.B. Pritzker’s decision to stop accepting inmates who have been sentenced to prison into state prisons as a selfish display that makes life easier for the state but harder for local sheriffs.

To show the impact of coronavirus on our community, The News-Gazette's Anthony Zilis took his drone to several spots in Champaign and Urbana.

In Part 4 of Editor Jeff D’Alessio’s series of stories from former Illini around the world, the 1994 journalism grad who is a former Tokyo correspondent for Bloomberg News and The Wall Street Journal describes life during a pandemic in Japan, a country he’s called home for 20 years.

He's dominating the news, making daily announcements of his most recent decisions regarding the state's response to the coronavirus pandemic. Calm, businesslike, well-spoken, the governor has acquitted himself nicely in the spotlight.

With Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s emergency order closing certain public establishments because of the coronavirus pandemic, many jobs have been suspended or lost during the shutdown. With lost income, paying debts and bills have or will be challenging for many.

“Many of us are working from home. My days consist of Microsoft Teams meetings and Google Hangouts meetings as well as collaborating with colleagues on the cloud."

The wait is ongoing for area teams. Area players. Area coaches. Area parents. When will sports resume as the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic? Good question. Until then, sports editor Matt Daniels spent the week telling the stories of those impacted by the pandemic in a variety of ways. 

It was hard for Boka Shoppe owner Donna Catlin to stop chuckling long enough to elaborate about Darlene Poague's request for a toilet-paper bouquet, but she said, 'I was glad to do it. ... It was nice of her, I thought. She was being very creative.'

Plenty of coronavirus info plus answers on I-57/I-74 interchange project, a  creative piece of art in downtown Urbana, wildlife in Champaign, 2020 Census concerns, a postwar housing development for University of Illinois faculty, handicapped parking concerns, restaurant taxes, bald eagles and our young pal, Marcus Jackson.

Urbana resident Wendy Edwards took care not to clean out the shelves at Walgreens, but she had a mission to get at least 42 travel-sized bottles of hand sanitizer.

Tom's Mailbag: 'Beginning Friday, March 27, traffic exiting from the Orchard Street parking garage at Carle Foundation Hospital will be using the pay booths on Park Street on the north side of the garage nearest to The Forum.'

So many of the essential workers possibly being exposed to COVID-19 are young adults without health insurance. What exactly is the risk for younger adults, and what should their employers and the public be doing to help them stay well?

My CPAP machine literally helps me breathe easier as I sleep, but I wonder if I should keep using it if I develop symptoms of COVID-19. Any special do’s/don’ts for cleaning CPAP equipment at this time — or precautions for those with someone who uses a CPAP?

In the second installment of a new series, Editor Jeff D’Alessio asked the mid-’80s Illini basketball big man and 1992 Summer Olympian about life in lockdown 4,368 miles away.

In the coming weeks, in a spinoff of our ‘UI at 150 & Beyond’ project, Editor Jeff D’Alessio will catch up with University of Illinois grads in corners of the globe affected by the coronavirus.