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I read some time ago that in some communities, 40 percent of infected people refuse to give information for contact tracing. Is this still the case? How has that impacted attempts to control transmission?

It is probably closer to 10 to 15 percent of people who refuse to give some or all the information in our community.

Some people will do the entire interview for themselves just fine but then are asked about their contacts and they refuse. Or others will give contacts but not where they work. Very few refuse the whole thing.

We are lucky that we have resources to get contact information without needing the positive person to comply. This works with the University of Illinois, day care centers, K-12 schools, long-term-care facilities and some places of employment. Relationships and collaboration with community partners have been very helpful in controlling transmission.

We do, however, see some spread from people who refuse to give information. It is very important for individuals to cooperate with us to prevent spread and outbreaks.

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