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Q: I’ve noticed some reopened stores are doing a great job enforcing mask-wearing, but I’ve also been in a couple of larger stores that allow people without masks to walk right in because nobody is monitoring the entrances.

These are stores I won’t be shopping in again until the pandemic is over, but my heart goes out to employees who have to deal with customers not wearing masks. Can’t something be done about this?

A: Businesses have a right to require patrons to wear masks to protect their employees and the public.

The first thing you need to do is contact the store manager and let them know that you will not shop there if they refuse to require masks. If it continues, please contact CUPHD at

CUPHD is receiving many, many complaints about a handful of places in our county. The cities, towns and villages in Champaign County anticipated that most people would wear a mask in public.

If this does not happen, we may need to look at other options such as an ordinance and/or fines.